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Obtain continuing education credits and professional training from the convenience of your home or office with Lorman Education Services online seminars, webinars and courses. WealthCare Connect members receive a 10% Discount Upcoming Live Webinars: Visa and MasterCard Owe You Money: How Much of the $6.24 Billion Settlement is Yours? November 13, 2019 Subordination, Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreements in Commercial Leasing and Real Estate Finance November 20, 2019 Paralegal's Guide to Evidence: Gathering, Protecting and Spoliation November 20, 2019 Secure and Fair Enforcement forMortgage Licensing Act (S.A.F.E. Act) Update November 20, 2019 Applying 1031 Knowledge in the Real World November 25, 2019 Coordinating Swap and Loan Documentation November 25, 2019 From Bluffs to Big Sticks: Litigating Covenant Not to Compete and Trade Secret Cases December 5, 2019 Social Security Law Basics December 9, 2019 Commercial Contracts: Drafting and Termination Overview December 11, 2019 Mobile Banking: Banking Without Borders December 12, 2019 Best Practices for Collecting Information Using Public Records December 12, 2019 How to Price Your Services and Products for the Government Market December 17, 2019 Estate Planning Appraisal Fundamentals December 17, 2019 Recognizing the Me in Team: Individual Achievement, Encouragement and Rewards December 30, 2019 Register online and receive discount automatically or call 866 352-9539 and provide code: 04024366 WealthCare Connect may receive compensation from Lorman for purchases make through links(s) on this website.

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