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About Us

The Mission of WealthCare Connect is to provide each WealthCare Connect member with the necessary information, tools and guidance to help them become financially empowered.

Our belief is that many people do not utilize the wealthcare services that could help them because they are not aware that the services exist or are available, the costs or minimums are believed to be too high, or the services are viewed as too complex. It is also our experience that these scenarios can be true for any education level or financial statusl.

So, we designed WealthCare Connect to help remedy this situation by providing members with an interactive platform to conveniently and efficiently find, review and obtain the specific services that they need to become financially empowered.

Management Team

Ray Shreder, CEO

Mr. Shreder is the founder of The WealthCare Center LLC, the holding company of WealthCare Connect. Ray's responsibilities include the development of the company’s long-term goals and strategic partnerships, as-well-as the sourcing, contract negotiations and implementation for online services.

Ray received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the State University of New York at Geneseo.


Vicki Hawks Love, CFO

Ms. Hawks Love responsibilities include assisting the CEO with strategic and tactical initiatives. Monitor and direct initiatives to completion. Also responsible for corporate administration, financial and risk management, including business development and oversight, accounting operations, financial reporting and capital projects, systems, tax and governmental compliance, as well as implementation of controls. Additional responsibilities include outsourced functions, human resource management, policies and procedures.

Vickie received her Bachelor of Science in Management from Pepperdine University.  



Robert J. Shreder, VP, PR


Mr. Shreder serves as the Spokesperson and Public Relations Manager. Robert's experience includes the position of Director of AV Services for The WealthCare Group, where he managed the production of multimedia website content.

Robert attended the University of Nevada at Reno. 

Department Directors



Memberships Education Social Media

 Affiliates Advertising  Technology



Advisory Board Members 




Jerry Hull

Sandra Hagen


Retail Management