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A month-long stay in an Italian villa...a winter spent in the Caribbean sun...gourmet dinners out...your own housekeeper and gardener...

You don’t need to be wealthy to enjoy “rich man” luxuries in just need to know the shortcuts.

Dear International Living Reader,

If you could afford the retirement of your dreams...what would your life look like?

Maybe you’d spend a few weeks (or a few months) a year in a sunny beach town...sailing, surfing, enjoying the warm ocean...

Or maybe you’d take a European escape each summer...dine with a view of the Eiffel Tower, grab a Guinness in Dublin, watch the sun set on white-washed Santorini in Greece...

Perhaps in your dream retirement, you’d have a second home somewhere it doesn’t snow and embrace an “endless summer” lifestyle...

Or maybe you’ve always dreamed of traveling the world...watching the sun rise on the ruins at Angkor Wat in Cambodia...seeing the wildlife in the Galapagos Islands...playing golf on Portugal’s Algarve...  

Whatever your dream retirement looks like—keep that front-and-center in your mind’s eye. Because I’d like to show you how you can make it your reality...on much less than you imagine.

You see, you don’t have to be wealthy and famous to live a high-flying international enjoy a retirement that’s rich with experiences you’ve always wanted to live in comfort and not worry about whether you’ll outlive your nest egg...

The World is Opening Up—We’ll Show You How (and Where) to Safely Enjoy It

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You don’t need to have a massive nest egg saved to live a fun, adventure-filled, international retirement. You simply need to know the shortcuts. The world is starting to open up again as the vaccine rollout progresses and foreign shores will beckon. Now’s the perfect time to put some plans in place. There’s no question: A crisis changes things. But at the same time, it creates opportunity. We’ll show you where to find it.

You just need to know the shortcuts.

When you do, you can live and travel like a king...and do it on a working-class budget.

Let me show you...

How Would You Like to Spend a Week in Europe—No Charge?

The truth is, all sorts of amazing shortcuts exist that can allow you to travel better than you do now but spend way, way less than you assume you have to.

I’m talking about little-known ways you can enjoy a genuinely international skimping required.  This is high-end travel without the high-end price tag...shortcuts that lead directly to “the good life.” 

Take Marsha. In 2018, she spent a week in the Spanish countryside—FREE.

“I strolled narrow cobblestone streets in a quaint medieval village,” she says. “I learned to drink red wine from a bota (a goat-skin wine bag) and sampled renowned jamón bellota in a rustic bodega. As I savored the succulent, cured meat, I forged lasting friendships with fun, friendly Spanish people…and living that good life didn’t cost me a dime.”

All she had to do in exchange was speak English.

You could do the very same thing...and not just in Spain. This vacation shortcut is yours to capitalize on in Italy, Germany, and Eastern Europe, too...

In Italy, you could stay in an 11-century abbey in Tuscany, a medieval castle in Piedmont, or a Mediterranean estate in

In Germany, you have options in Bavaria and near Frankfurt. And one-third of the available spots are reserved for couples and for friends traveling together. 

Here’s another useful shortcut you should know about...

Stay in Luxury—for as Little as
10% of What the Guy in the Next Room Is Paying

You may not realize it, but—especially at high-end hotels and resorts around the world—there’s a lot of wiggle room when it comes to what you have to pay.

Now, if you simply go to a fancy property’s website and book your stay—the way most folks would—you’ll pay top dollar.

But that is not what the cunning insiders who know the shortcuts do.

These Post-Pandemic Travel Shortcuts Can Save You Big Time

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With the right shortcuts in hand, you can book upscale travel all over the world—and pay way, way less than your fellow travelers. With the right shortcuts in hand, you can book upscale travel all over the world—and pay way, way less than your fellow travelers.

It’s possible to save 40%...60%...even a full 90% off the regular price and have the very same luxury experience the guy in the next room is having. Only he’s paying two, three, five, maybe ten times more.

Consider, just as an example, that pre-COVID, you could stay at The Laslett, a decidedly upscale boutique hotel in Notting Hill, London, for $349 a night by booking a room on their website.

Or, you could use the smart shortcut I’d like to show you and pay as little as $79 a night for the very same luxury room.

That’s less than half what you’d typically pay at a Courtyard Marriott in Omaha.

Yet you’d be smack in the middle of one of London’s most iconic and sought-after neighborhoods—a spot known for its pastel Victorian townhouses, chic boutiques, antique shops, bookstores, and the famous Portobello Road Market.

The hotel is set in five adjacent townhomes, impeccably restored and blending seamlessly the elegant walls with contemporary flair—for $79 a night.

This is a shortcut that is incredibly reliable. And it serves up “rich man living” for pennies on the dollar, every single time.

You can use this shortcut to book high-end lodging all over the world...and pay a small fraction of what you’d expect it to cost.

In early 2021, for instance, I checked on this shortcut and found that using it, you could book an 8-day, 7-night escape to Playa del Carmen (south of Cancun on the Caribbean) at a high-end resort named one of the top five hotels in eastern Mexico—for just $599. Book the same escape on the resort’s website, and it would cost you $430 a night!   

Right now, as the vaccine rollout is underway and borders are opening up again, you can already put this shortcut to work for you.

My colleague Suzan has used it in several countries, including Mexico, where more than once she’s arranged ritzy accommodation for beach vacations.

“I’ve booked upscale hotel and resort stays in places like Cozumel (for $16 per night) and Puerto Vallarta (for $7 per night),” she says. “I paid just $1 for a seven-night stay at a luxurious beachfront resort in Nuevo Vallarta and then again at another one in Cancun.”

This shortcut allowed her to book opulent resort stays for a week each time—for $1. A single dollar for seven nights in a luxury resort on the beach.

That’s what I mean when I talk about shortcuts that can change the way you experience life...and hand you the perks of a wealthy man’s lifestyle, even on a waitress’s budget.

Shortcuts to a More International Life,
No Fat 401K Needed

I’ll say it again: You don’t have to be wealthy and well-connected to enjoy life as if you were.

You don’t need to have a massive nest egg saved up to live a fun, adventure-filled, international retirement.

You simply need to know the shortcuts. And that’s what I’d like to show you.

Because when you know those insider tricks, you can do things you may not have even realized are possible, like...

  • Travel the world in high style for as little as $42 a day...overnights, food, and entertainment included. (Add it up, and that comes to well less than $20,000 a year. At home, you’d be scraping by on that modest budget, but with this shortcut, you can live large and enjoy an adventure.)
  • Winter over with your spouse on a sunny Caribbean island—with the ocean a few blocks away—and do it for $2,500 a month or less, all in, including your housing, meals out, and entertainment.
  • Trim your travel costs to almost nothing by staying for free in all kinds of upscale retreats—could be a stately brick home in the U.K....a private beachside apartment with balconies in Australia...a blue-shuttered farmhouse in the south of France...
  • Cruise the world for free and have the time of your life—cocktails on board, visits to exotic ports, shows to entertain you. There are at least four legitimate ways to arrange no-cost cruises, and you can take advantage of them again and again...
  • Deduct your travel expenses from your taxes...and even get paid to travel...
  • Pick up Saks Fifth Avenue-quality clothing you can have tailored to your own fit and taste—suits, shirts, skirts, dresses—for a small fraction of what it would cost to buy them off the rack at home. It’s like couture-quality shopping at Target prices...
  • Spend less to cross the Atlantic on Cunard’s legendary Queen Mary 2 than you would to buy an economy seat on a round-trip flight from New York to London—and enjoy seven days of pampering poolside, gourmet cuisine, theater, lectures, and more—on what is really an elegant, floating five-star hotel.

Revamp Your Retirement

My point is: You don’t need to have a well-padded retirement account to do any of those simply need to know how to arrange them...

My name is Jackie Flynn, and the organization I lead is well-respected for the ground-breaking research and work we’ve done over the last four decades on the subject of retirement.

Publications like the New York Times, the Wall Street JournalAARP, and Forbes contact us when they need an expert opinion about interesting and alternative solutions for stretching retirement dollars and for getting the most enjoyment out of your “golden years.”

That’s our expertise. And I’d like to share it with you.

Great Options for Retirement Nobody Talks About

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You have great options for retirement today that nobody talks about—ways you can expand your lifestyle and live a more international life—no big nest egg required.

My team has collected all our best shortcuts—the how-to secrets behind those I’ve just mentioned here—and more—in a special report I’ll tell you how to get ahold of in just a minute.

But first, I want to give you a little context for what we’re up to...

You know, these days, most people believe that a worry-free, adventure-filled retirement is something only the very wealthy can afford.

And that’s understandable.

After all, the retirement story you get from the news is pretty depressing. Traditional pensions are a thing of the past.

Almost nobody has saved enough to support a comfortable, long-term retirement.

And that was true for people even before the pandemic rolled through, further disrupting their  lives and plans.

The advice the “experts” dish out is always: work longer, sock away more, and settle for less in your golden years.

There’s a certain “hope-for-the-best” mentality that sets in.

But here’s the thing: You don’t have to settle for less and merely hope for the best. That isn’t the whole story about retirement. Not even close.

You have options—good options—nobody tells you about. 

Options that can allow you to expand your lifestyle in retirement and live a richer, more international, more exciting, more rewarding life...without saving another dime.

Consider this powerful shortcut, for instance...  

A Glamorous Retirement on a Decidedly
Middle-Class Budget

Emma and her husband Mark enjoy what can only be described as a jet-set retirement.

One year, they spent five weeks in a renovated, 15th-century villa in Tuscany, Italy, eating meals under a vine-shaded arbor...and enjoying the estate’s private swimming pool, which looked out over the light-dappled hills.

Mind you, Emma and Mark aren’t rich or famous. They just travel like they are.

In truth, they’re regular folks like you or me.

Mark was a consulting engineer who worked with oil and gas companies. Eva retired from the financial services industry. They own a modest, well-kept house with raised vegetable beds and flowers in the garden.

Neither has a pension coming to them. But they figured they’d retire eventually...they’d saved a little bit and were smart about spending.

Still, they never imagined their golden years could be so glamorous.

Yet it is a glamorous retirement they’re enjoying.

Powerful Shortcuts Can Deliver a “Rich Man’s” Lifestyle on an Everyman’s Budget

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Three weeks in an island escape...a month in Tuscany...a long stay in London... You don’t have to be wealthy to tap the powerful shortcuts that can hand you a “rich man’s” lifestyle on an everyman’s budget.

In 2012, they found themselves in London during the summer Olympics, staying in a historic home right in the thick of things with pubs, bakeries, and shops nearby...and with a perfect, secret garden out back.

For the last few years, they've returned each winter to a luxury hilltop villa on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia for a few weeks at a time. It’s a gorgeous home with a lush tropical garden and an infinity pool overlooking Marigot Bay...the sort of luxury place you might see in a James Bond film.  

It’s all possible because they’ve tapped a powerful retirement shortcut that hands them “rich man” perks...even though they aren’t wealthy.

It’s a shortcut you could easily tap to upgrade your life, special qualifications required.

Shortcuts to Instantly Upgrade Your Life

In fact, it’s just one of many retirement shortcuts available to you—if you know to seek them out.

These are shortcuts that can dramatically improve your quality of life...allow you to travel all over the world if you want to...enjoy perks like a housekeeper or a gardener...see you staying at swank resorts...maybe spending your winters in the tropical sun... and do all of it for less than it would cost you to stay home.

...shortcuts that can open a whole world of opportunity to you...a world full of adventure and experiences and luxuries...

I’m talking about a world that you probably assume is out of your reach.

But, in fact, you’d be surprised at how easy (and affordable) it can be to embrace those “rich man” luxuries—even if your budget is decidedly modest.

Take this shortcut, for instance...

Spend Less Wintering in the Tropics
Than You Would Staying Home in the Cold

You might assume “snow birds” escaping the winter cold in places like Michigan or Maine or Canada have pretty deep pockets if they can afford an annual warm-weather escape January through March.

But that’s not necessarily the case...

Take Gary and Mary, for instance. They’d had enough of frigid Wisconsin winters, so these days they head south to escape them every year—to an island in the sun where the beach is world-class, with talcum-white sand...

It’s heavenly...yet they spend about one-third to one-half what they would if they stayed put in Wisconsin and braved the cold.

That’s right. With this shortcut, it costs them less to winter over in the tropical sun than it would to stay home.

“We’ve been snowbirds since 2007. We love everything about it,” says Gary. “In fact, I’m really not crazy about telling others how wonderful it is here. I don’t want the island to become more crowded and lose its vibe.”

“The weather is outstanding,” he says. “The beach is one of the best in the world, and it’s close to our apartment.”

Now if you’re like most folks, you probably assume a months-long tropical escape is, by definition, prohibitively expensive...a rich man’s prerogative.

Banish the Cold: Yes, You COULD Afford to Winter Over in the Sun

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Gary and Mary winter on an island, soaking up the sun...and spend less than it would cost them to stay home in Wisconsin.

But it doesn’t have to be. It all depends on where you go... 

Karen and Greg, retired IT managers from Ontario, Canada, are solidly middle class...yet they, too, have used this same retirement shortcut to embrace an endless-summer lifestyle.

“The only ice we like is in our drinks,” says Karen from a spot where the turquoise blue waters lap up on white sand beaches. They’ve traded in temperatures below zero and feet of snow on the ground for sunny days in the mid-80’s.

“Over 100 days last winter it rained twice, for an hour each time,” says Karen. “The weather is just phenomenal.”

And that’s not all that’s extraordinary.

“The beach is one of the most beautiful we’ve seen. The blue. The warmth of the water. There are so many activities close by: charter fishing, snorkeling, diving. Just people-watching. And then there’s the restaurants…we go out and eat every single day.”

They’re living well—really well—because this retirement shortcut just about doubles their disposable income. It allows them to “live large” all winter in the sun...on a decidedly middle-class budget.

You Could Turn Your Jet-Set Vacation into Your Everyday Life

What if I told you that you could easily afford to turn a jet-set vacation into your everyday life...and live like the upper crust 3 months, 6 months, even 12 months a huge nest egg required.

I’m talking about a shortcut you can use to transform your retirement...

A shortcut that can hand you the perks of a wealthy man’s lifestyle...even if you’re living on a Social Security check alone.

Fortune magazine has called this shortcut,

"a way to double your retirement dollar."

According to the Associated Press, it

"can help make even a modest retirement income stretch further."

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance proclaimed it

"might be the perfect plan."

AARP calls it a

“smart choice for retirees who want it all.”

It’s true. With this shortcut, you could afford to do things like—

  • Have a housekeeper, a gardener, a personal chef, or even a private driver…so you free up plenty of time to do what you enjoy…
  • Eat out every day of the week if you want to and never feel guilty about it…and even have money left over at the end of the month…
  • Join the local country club to golf and socialize…and revel in the perks of an upscale retirement that only the wealthy can typically afford…

As with all these powerful shortcuts I’ve mentioned...this one comes down to finding—and taking advantage of—good value.

And you have to know where to look.

Just imagine if, in retirement...instead of paying $495 per person for your monthly health-insurance premium, it could be $180...

What if you could trade in that $400-a-month golf club membership for $38 country-club dues?

What if instead of paying a housekeeper $150 to clean for half a day once a month…you could have somebody reliable and friendly tidy and even cook for you once a week all month long for just $75 total?

Now those numbers may seem unbelievable—but let me assure you: They’re not. Not if you know where to go.

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And you’ll find the answers in a special report I’d like to share with you, called How to Retire on Permanent Vacation: 10 Post-Covid Shortcuts for a Jet-Set Retirement on a Modest Budget.

You see, in the right places overseas, life is so affordable that you can enjoy the perks of a rich man’s lifestyle on a journeyman’s budget.

Safe, welcoming, beautiful, good-value places exist today from Latin America to Southeast Asia to Europe...

Now let me say: I realize that most people equate sophisticated Europe with “expensive” Europe. But here’s the thing:  When you know where to go, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable living in the Old World really can be.

Places where the climate will suit you…where you’ll find the activities and distractions you enjoy… 

Retire Earlier—and Better—in the Secret Retirement Towns We’ll Tell You About

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Money magazine reports, “If you settle somewhere less expensive than you live today, you can significantly extend the life of your nest egg—even if you stay for only five or 10 years before returning to the U.S.”

Forbes says, “It's the ultimate fantasy: Escape the 9-5 by moving to a place where it's so cheap you barely need to work — and could even retire early.”

A Wharton School report says, “...a growing number of Americans...are stretching their retirement savings by spending their golden years overseas.”

Fortune says, “Pick the right country, and you may be able to —and guarantee visits from your kids.”

And where you can live better than you do today for half what it costs you to stay home.

These are places where the pace of day-to-day living is slow and civil.

Places where politics stays in the background and the joys of good food, friendly neighbors, and welcome distractions means you can really enjoy life.

“We Live in a 4,000-Square-Foot Castle”

Take Rob and Wendy. They live in, as Rob puts it, “a 4,000-square-foot castle.” It has three bedrooms, three full baths, and a half bath. The gourmet kitchen is a show stopper. There are 24-foot sliding glass doors that open the whole back of the house to the deck outside where the swimming pool is and where you can soak in a dramatic lake view.

They’re situated in a spot where it never snows and the air is comfortably spring-like year-round, which means they can enjoy the outdoors 12 months a year.

These guys are living large. As Rob says, “Maid, gardener, pool guy... I haven’t done laundry in five years. We live high on the hog, and we live in Paradise—for $1,750 a month.”

And they’re not the only ones...


“We Have a Full-time Maid who Does all our Chores and a Gardener Who Cares for the Yard”

Jack and Nancy have taken advantage of this same shortcut. As they put it:

“Our quality of life has greatly exceeded our expectations. We live in an upscale gated community and have a three-bedroom, three-bath house. We have a full-time maid who does all our chores and a gardener who cares for the yard…all for less than half the cost of a moderate lifestyle in Atlanta.”

“I’m Enjoying a Freedom I Never Dreamed Possible”

Judith says much the same thing. She’s not wealthy...she just lives like she is.

She’s retired today, but when she was younger, she had a modest import-export business and worked as a consultant. She was in a car wreck in 1998, though, which left her on disability and in debt.

When You Know Where to Go, You Can Enjoy The Good Life for Much Less

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You needn’t be moneyed to enjoy treasures on offer overseas. You simply need to know where to find them...and have the shortcuts in hand that allow you to enjoy them for pennies on the dollar.

She’d figured she’d be living hand-to-mouth till the end of her days. But then she discovered this retirement shortcut...and everything changed.

Today she enjoys a genuinely lavish life with a private pool in her yard and a beautiful, well-tended garden. She has a staff of three part-time helpers—a gardener, a pool guy, and a housekeeper.

And she’s enjoying all these perks on a budget of just $900 a month, total.

She says, “I’m retired, having a new beginning, and enjoying a freedom that I never dreamed possible... I can afford things that were not affordable in the past. I feel blessed every day...”

We’ll show you how—and where—you, too, can trade up in retirement in How to Retire on Permanent Vacation: 10 Post-Covid Shortcuts for a Jet-Set Retirement on a Modest Budget.

I’d like to give you a COMPLIMENTARY COPY of this special report today when you take me up on this special offer to join me and my colleagues as a member of International Living.  

We’re on a mission to help you explore your best options overseas—to show you ways you can live better, travel more, save money, invest profitably, retire comfortably, and do it all even if you have a modest nest egg.

If what you've heard here appeals to you, then I know you'll enjoy—and value—the in-depth solutions for better living that we share with our members.

Not just suggestions for villages, towns, and cities you might like—but also shortcuts that show you how to travel better, and spend less…reduce your taxes…start your own international business…explore exotic, foreign lands…invest in overseas stocks…pinpoint worthwhile real estate plays abroad…and more…

I think of International Living as a sort of “underground railroad” for people like you who like the idea of living a more international life and who are ready to explore the opportunities that are waiting in the right places overseas.

When you’re a member of International Living, you have access to the details you need to take action.

We share our contacts.

We lay out the pluses and minuses.

We keep you up-to-date on the latest developments with the best havens abroad.

And expats on the ground share their own stories and real-world guidance from their experiences overseas.

When it comes to overseas intelligence like this, you won't find a more well-respected source than International Living.

Forbes said, “International Living (IL) is the go-to source for anyone looking for solid information on retirement relocation in other countries. ... For people who are intrigued by the idea of settling outside the U.S. borders, it is a treasure trove of information.”

The Miami Herald called International Living “the authority on global retirement.”

For more than four decades, we've had contributors stationed around the globe. It means we've got on-the-ground access to the real story—as it unfolds. And long perspective as well.

In an era when most news organizations have slashed their international budgets and second- or even third-hand reporting suffices—we’ve gone in the opposite direction.

Using this Shortcut, I Quit My Job and Retired Early

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Moving to a Pacific-coast retreat allowed Marcia to say goodbye to her stressful job in cold Minnesota and retire early.

Today she says, “Now I have time to indulge in my passions for writing and reading, and enjoy all that this beautiful beach town has to offer. “Our cost of living for things like groceries and eating out is about half what we paid in Minneapolis. We’ve even discovered that we can manage living on our Social Security.”

And they don’t skimp. They live a vacationer’s life at the beach...for the same price of a frugal existence

We’ve added to our network, increasing the number of editors and correspondents we have scattered across the globe. And we spend more than $800,000 a year to keep them there and keep our resources timely, useful, and up-to-date for you.

It means as a member, you’re instantly connected to a network of experts who share their finds, recommendations, and advice. 

All sorts of amazing shortcuts exist that can allow you to live a richer, fuller life...while you spend less. And we look forward to bringing them to you...

It means we can always bring you the REAL story, directly.

We don’t pass on second-hand rumors or half-truths. We put boots on the ground and see what’s going on for ourselves, on your behalf.

And then we show you how to take advantage of it. And I should say, too: For every recommendation we make, we’ve eliminated three or four that don’t make the cut.

We go out and we kick the tires, we invest the time and energy really investigating in an informed and measured way—so you don’t have to.

Frankly, there’s a lot of bad information out there online about overseas living...incomplete and just plain wrong information about what’s really going on, what things cost, what the rules and regulations are, what’s worth your while and what’s not.

And that’s why what we do is so important. We don't make this stuff up.

We bring you the world’s best opportunities for travel, retirement, investment, earning, saving, and enjoying a better life for less...and we deliver all that to you as a member.

In the Right Places, a Small Budget Buys More, So You Can Live Better

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A 2-bed, 1-bath beautifully furnished apartment on the grounds of a chateau. Large pool and tennis courts in common area, 1-minute walk to a golf course with an English-speaking pro.

A kitchen with a table and chairs
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A 2-bed, 1-bath apartment with modern kitchen and water view a 15-minute walk to downtown Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

A picture containing text, outdoor, building
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Currently an income-producing vacation-rental, this 1-bed, 1.5 bath, fully-furnished and beautifully renovated home comes with a terrace and plunge pool.

We don’t give you only the facts, we do something much more valuable: We show you what to do with them.

We do it through our members-only Postcards e-letter, sharing interesting stories about expats living good lives for less and offering up useful resources and recommendations.

We give you the email addresses for our guys on the ground around the world, and we invite you to reach out to them when you have questions. And they’ll answer.

Once you’re in “our world” and part of our member network, we treat you like one of us.

We invite you to special live events with our experts online for our members (and we’ll host these in-person in the near future, once it’s safe to gather together again). 

In Your Overseas Dream Home, our e-letter from international real estate expert Ronan McMahon, we share the scoop on locating cheap overseas dream homes around the world from $100,000 (or even less)... markets to watch if potential profit is you guidance on buying property overseas, and more. 

And every month, we send to members’ doors our International Living magazine, too—chock full of interesting ideas and solutions nobody else talks about, like...

How (and where) to spend spring in romantic Europe from $2,700 a month...including a spot in Italy that isn’t remote, but isn’t overrun with tourists either, where you can rent a furnished apartment in the old town for $560 a month...and a village half an hour outside of Lisbon, Portugal where you can rent from $900 a month...

A Thai island golfers will love...where for $975 a month you can secure a furnished, two-bedroom villa close to the beach in a gated community with a pool...and that includes maid service, too.

How to leverage your house back home when you go overseas and offset the cost of your travels.

A hillside city in Mexico tourists always overlook, which is jam packed with sophisticated museums, theaters, and plazas...glorious architecture...and apartments that rent from $650 a month...

Low-cost travel tips for getting to and around Latin America—including insider advice about first-class buses, remarkably affordable airlines you’ve never heard of before, private shuttles, and more...

A laid-back Costa Rican beach retreat where scarlet macaws soar overhead—just 90 minutes from the airport and close to the capital, it’s an escape that feels a world away but is incredibly convenient. And you could live well here on $2,400 a month.

A university town in the south of France where medieval homes overlook the sparkling blue Mediterranean...and you could rent a lovely, furnished two-bedroom apartment with high ceilings and generous windows right in the thick of things for $1,400 a month or a one-bedroom for just $750 

Where in the Caribbean to own a condo a walk to the beach for $127,500, rent it out when you’re not there to cover your costs, and then reserve a few weeks a year to go yourself so you can relax, recharge, surf, sail, and soak in the sun...

How to rent from $275 a month in Southeast Asia’s cool-weather retreats...four highland escapes you’ve never heard of in Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines. 

Five spots around the world where you don’t have to sacrifice comforts to live off-the-grid...from Caribbean Mexico to medieval Portugal to highland Ecuador, and beyond...with homes that start at just $156,000.

And lots, lots more...

We Bring You Honest, Useful, Generous Guidance

When you accept my invitation to join International Living today, you become part of a community of life-minded people.

For more than four decades now, folks like you have relied on our guidance and strategies to save money, make money, travel better, retire sooner, live longer, and enjoy life more overseas.

Our members are generous with their praise. Here’s what just a few have said about International Living...

IL Directly Influenced Our Move to the Caribbean

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“I started [with] International Living in the late 80's as my husband and I started talking about moving to the Caribbean. I've been a faithful [member] since that time and many of the articles had a direct impact on our thoughts and plans. We now live in Grenada, West Indies and I still rely on International Living to provide timely and informative articles that are important to me as an expat. I highly recommend International Living to anyone who travels, wants to live or is living overseas.” – C.L.

Thanks to IL, I’m on a Wonderful Journey

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International Living is the reason that I am on a wonderful journey overseas, living my best life. It all started when I was laid off at the age of 61 and couldn't find another job. I had no idea what to do, until I read about IL. ... I am so glad I made the move. The information from IL was invaluable in making this happen.” – D.L.

Always Honest, Useful Guidance

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I've been using International Living's services and publications for decades. The amount of information they provide is invaluable. I have recommended it to many friends that have become loyal International Living readers. The most diverse information available, and always honest and useful.” – R.D.