How to Win in Court
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Don't wait until trial to present evidence!

There is NO evidence you can get admitted at trial that you cannot get admitted BEFORE trial.


Foolish people (unacquainted with the tactical power of this course) wait until trial to present what they think is evidence (documents, things, and testimony). They show up for a trial, thinking they can get the evidence they need into the record during the trial ... only to have it thrown out at the last minute as inadmissible!.

If your evidence is excluded at trial, there's no way to get it in later!

There is no "later" when it comes to presenting evidence!


You cannot present evidence on appeal if it wasn't presented during the trial phase in the lower court.

NEVER wait to present your evidence for the first time on the day of the trial.
Big mistake!

Nothing you may think is "evidence" is worth a fiddler's fig unless it gets into the court record as "admissible evidence", and trial is NOT THE TIME to try to get evidence admitted for the first time!

Why lose needlessly?

Don't try to be tricky and surprise your opponents at the last moment. You cannot "win by ambush" in court.

Don't hide your "evidence", waiting till the last minute to "spring it" on your opponent at trial, hoping your opponent will be surprised and not be able to respond effectively.

Bad idea!

Ambush doesn't work at trial ... no matter what you see on TV.

If you don't get your evidence in before trial, you'll likely not get it in at all.

Then you lose ... needlessly!

You get ONE BITE at the trial apple.

Never trust that a document will be admitted ... even if it's sealed with royal wax imprinted by a king's ring and draped with silk ribbons.

If you assume you have "evidence" to spring on your opponent at trial, you are playing a dangerous game, risking everything for no advantage whatsoever.

Evidence that isn't admitted isn't evidence!

Authenticate your evidence and use your pre-trial evidence tools to get it in as early as possible!

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How to Win in Court
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