How to Win in Court
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Know What the Law Says!

One of the biggest case-losing mistakes is misreading statutes.

If you don't know what the law says, you'll have a hard time getting a judge to agree with you!

Statutory language must be interpreted according to well-established "rules of statutory interpretation".

The rules of statutory interpretation are vital to winning your case.

You need to know how courts interpret what the lawmakers meant when they wrote the law!

Too many "assume" they know what a statute says, but the only opinion that counts is what controlling appellate courts say a statute says.

Appellate courts apply rules of statutory interpretation.

You must learn these rules ... if you want to win!

Judges should never be allowed to play games with lawmakers' words.

Use the rules of statutory interpretation so you can win without a lawyer!

Justice Should be for ALL!

Learn how to win in court - without a lawyer with the Jurisdictionary Law Course

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How to Win in Court
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