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Trying to find a nearby hospital with doctors that accept Medicare? Or, perhaps you're planning to have surgery or are thinking about your future needs. Visit to find a hospital in your area that best meets your needs.

Search for Hospitals

Make the most out of your hospital search:

  • Look at a hospital's overall and patient star ratings. The overall rating is based on how well a hospital performs across different areas of quality, like treating heart attacks or safety of care. The star rating measures patient satisfaction rates based on their personal experiences.
  • Compare a hospital's performance against national averages for patient experiences, timely and effective care, complications, and more.
  • Find hospital contact information, distance from your home, and directions.

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Medicare Professor
Medicare Professor is the WealthCare Connect virtual instructor that provides members with educational Medicare content. All content is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute Medicare advice. Consult with a licensed Medicare professional before making any Medicare decisions.
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