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Are you ready for an inflationary storm?

Inflation had already entered the system courtesy of the Fed printing over $3 trillion last year while the U.S. federal government paid out over $2 trillion in stimulus checks.

Then Joe Biden won the presidency.

Last week President Biden suggested a stimulus program that will be in the “trillions” with a price tag that will be “twice as high.” Democrats are also proposing massive infrastructure spending, healthcare programs, as well as the Green New Deal and other climate change policies.

I’m not saying I’m for or against any of this. I’m simply pointing out that all of it involves printing TRILLIONS of dollars.

And that is going to unleash inflation.

The Fed’s own research shows that food inflation is the best predictor of future inflation.

Take a look at what agricultural food prices are doing and you’ll see a decade-long bear market that is ending.

Commodities Chart

Then of course there’s Gold which has already hit new all-time highs:

Gold Chart

Not to mention emerging markets.

Emerging Markets Chart

The writing is on the wall. All three of those asset classes are inflationary in nature. All three of them are exploding higher.

Simply put, inflation is already in the financial system. And as history has shown us, the longer it’s there, the worse it gets.

Those investors who are well positioned to profit from it could see literal fortunes.


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