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Too many good folks believe "the law is on their side" but don't know there are two (2) kinds of law!

Know both kinds or lose needlessly.

Here are the two (2) kinds of law more fully explained by the JurisDictionary®.

#1 - Substantive Law ... determines the outcome of a case based on admissible evidence.

#2 - Procedural Law ... determines what evidence will be admitted, who gets to talk, what issues will be heard, etc.

Losers rush into court demanding the judge enforce substantive without knowing about procedural law that always decides who wins and who loses.

Losers may hold a winning hand, as in a game of cards, but if they don't know procedural law and how to use it, they are defeated ... and usually don't know why.

People who know how to use procedural law win consistently!

Losers don't.

Learn how to win in court - without a lawyer with the Jurisdictionary Law Course

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This information is republished with permission from Juris Dictionary.
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