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Your Own Personal Fort Knox 

Real, physical gold is a rare and intrinsically valuable asset that’s served as the foundation for economies, currencies, and empires for thousands of years.


For this reason, gold is considered a lasting store of value... not a trade.


Gold is an asset that is yours and yours alone. It can be liquidated or delivered to you anytime because it's not simultaneously someone else's liability.


For example, when you put currency into a savings account that deposit is lent out elsewhere by the bank and is owed back to you, a liability the bank must be able to make good on.


Gold on the other hand, is the ultimate hedge... 


The one asset that can endure crises, conflict and crashes. 


It is also indestructible. Gold can't be destroyed by fire and it does not corrode, rust, or tarnish. 


This is why every government and central bank on the planet owns as much physical gold as they can and locks it in a bunker...


A glimpse inside the heavily-guarded vaults where the federal government keeps its gold, the world’s largest bullion reserves. 


If gold is a core holding of the USA… it’s likely good for you too.


If you’re interested in adding gold to your portfolio today and joining the world’s central banks, hedge funds, wealthy families, and savvy investors who are all actively buying and already holding thousands of tonnes of gold today…

You’ll need to open a Hard Assets Alliance account


Hard Assets Alliance lets you click and buy bullion – as easily as buying stocks.

No paper promises, “digital-backing”, or I.O.U.s…

Just the real deal… 100% physical gold, silver, platinum, or palladium held in your name inside the guarded, ultra-secure vault of your choice.

You manage your holdings online while your metals are protected by armed guards and 24/7 surveillance from the best security professionals including… Brinks, Loomis, and Malca-Amit.

By no means do your metals have to just sit inside the vault...

Your Hard Assets Alliance account lets take advantage of changing markets quickly.

You can add to your holdings when metals are undervalued.

Or take profits and sell immediately when they are overvalued.

From your phone on the golf course via our mobile app or the privacy of your den…

With no long-term commitment or contract.

And since they are YOUR metals, you can request home delivery – any time you want.

How you use your Hard Assets Alliance account is entirely up to you.

But you have to take the first step…

Open Your Account

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