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By Bob Jackson

When you make the move overseas, it’s normal to have doubts and concerns. Especially when it comes to keeping busy and making friends. My wife Patti and I certainly did before we left Atlanta. After all, we were moving to a totally foreign country where we knew no one. But, determined, we ploughed ahead with our plans and, in 2017, made the move.

We’re so glad we had faith. As it turns out, we now have more friends here than we did back in the U.S. It’s staggeringly easy to meet people here. The very first week we arrived, Patti attended a cooking class in our apartment complex, met a fellow expat, and just like that we were off to the races.
Through people, you meet people and, over time, strong friendships develop. These days we regularly get together with fellow expats from all over the world—the U.S., Europe, South Africa, Australia and beyond—for drinks, dinner, and all sorts of activities.

We’re also lucky in that we live in a very active apartment complex with the sort of amenities you’d typically find in a ritzy resort. Our two-bedroom unit came fully furnished and costs us $800 a month—and the facilities are a huge draw.

One-hour yoga classes are offered three mornings per week in our on-site aerobics room. One is offered by the complex on Saturday morning, free of charge. The other two classes are less than $6 an hour. We have taken full advantage of these and I can now proudly state that I can touch toes I couldn’t touch when I was 20!
There’s also Body Sculpt classes, an aqua fit class, and Pilates on offer. And if all of those don’t subdue your lust for hardship, just offsite, in a waterside park, you can try out “Warrior” classes that focus on aerobic and strength conditioning. Warrior Lite classes for the over-60s are an hour in length and cost around $7. I really enjoy these and they’re another great way to meet new people.

Back at the complex, we take full advantage of our pool area which features several swimming areas, jets, waterslides, and even a lazy river. As residents, it’s totally free and it’s where you’ll find Patti and me pretty much every afternoon…
There's plenty of space to kick back and relax at our apartment complex's pool area.

Comfortable mats and towels for the lounge chairs are provided free of charge and there are also two massage rooms. We just call up the masseuse and they come to us. A two-hour massage will set you back around $18.

We also love to golf and try to get in a game each week. A nearby golf course has a well-stocked pro shop along with a driving range, and several practice greens for chipping and putting. The cost of a round of golf, including cart, is $25. Of course, you can walk if you prefer, but either way, it’s quite the bargain.

Hiking is popular here too and we love setting off on the many beach and jungle trails. Naturally, all this yoga, working out, hiking, and playing sports works up your appetite. And here’s where our new hometown really comes in to its own: the food. It’s everywhere. Local food stalls abound, they’re very good and inexpensive. Expect to pay no more than $5 each to completely fill up.

Take your pick from the local restaurants instead and you still won’t pay much more than $8 a head for a great meal. Even the top-of-the-range spots will only cost around $24 per person. In fact, I think we would have a very hard time spending more than that for any meal here.

Getting out and about and taking advantage of all the delights on offer here has led us to meet likeminded people from all over the world and, in the time we’ve been here, we’ve formed many great friendships. We’ve been invited into their homes to celebrate birthdays, New Year’s, the Indian holiday of Deepavali, and Chinese New Year, as well as enjoying numerous dinners out.

I can safely say that we could probably schedule dinner out with friends every night of the week and thanks to the great value here it wouldn’t break the bank to do so.

No matter what overseas spot is on your retirement radar, don’t let fears about keeping busy or making friends stop you from taking the plunge. And if you choose to pick the same spot as Patti and I, take it from me, you’ll have more to do here then you ever imagined and the expat community is open, welcoming, and on hand to help make your move here the best one you ever make.

Editor’s Note: English-speaking, packed with top-class amenities, home to friendly locals, world-class cuisine, and a special retirement program—Bob and Patti have landed in one of the world’s very best retirement havens.

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