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Make Money, Not War

By Ronan McMahon

How do you find a deal in a sellers' real estate market?

What you don't do is enter into a bidding war...

In the U.S. right now, folks are paying as much as $1 million over a home's listing price to beat out competition.

That's $1 million that the seller didn't even ask for...

In fact, bidding wars are getting so heated, experts are recommending that to be competitive you must forgo house inspections, make all-cash offers, and include a heartfelt story with your offer.

The CEO of Redfin, Glenn Kelman, even Tweeted about a bidder who pledged to name her first-born child after the seller. And she still lost.

Around the world, you'll find similar stories. As the real estate market booms, buyers get more competitive and more desperate.

But there are still ways to find genuine deals...

Indeed, this has been my sole mission for over 20's the reason I spend six months of the year on the road. Because when your beat is everywhere, there are always deals somewhere.

By far my favorite strategy for finding a killer deal is to use what I call "group buying power."

This is a pretty self-explanatory concept, but it's one that folks in bidding wars don't understand...

Rather than buyers competing against each other and driving prices higher...the same group can recognize their common interest and use their buying power to get lower prices.

It's a strategy that works remarkably well...

My Real Estate Trend Alert group have been using it for over 13 years, locking in discounts of as much as 20%...30%...even 50%.

For instance, just this year, as prices skyrocketed globally, we used our group buying power to secure discounts of $45,666 in the colonial town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

In a stunning beachfront community in Playa del Carmen, we got an unheard of RETA-only price of $192,800. For any regular retail buyers who want to own here, they'd be paying as much as $327,665 for a one-bed condo or $427,444 for a two-bed.

We got discounts of $66,000 on luxury condos in Lagos, on Portugal's Algarve...exclusive RETA-only pricing on stunning two-bed tropical villas in Costa Rica...a chance to double our money on ocean-view lots in safe-haven Uruguay...

And just this week, we secured savings of $68,000 on luxury condos a short stroll from Panama's premier beach.

So, the big question: Why do sellers' hand us huge discounts?

The simple answer is, it's a win-win for both sides.

The thing is, we don't work with individual sellers, we work with best-in-class developers who benefit from quick and discreet sales from our group...

By giving us big discounts, the developer gets bulk sales at the early stages of a project. This allows them to go to the local market with sales under their belt and the confidence to charge higher retail prices (i.e. the price everyone else pays)...and we get a deal at a price no one else can even dream of....a price local real estate insiders often don't believe...


Here I am talking to a developer's team on the Riviera Maya. My team and I are on road for months out of the year, scouting, researching, gauging local trends and market forces, getting boots on the ground to see potential opportunities up close. All told we spend about $1 million a year on travel and research.

Developers also offer our group members-only pre-approved finance in some markets where foreigners can't normally access bank loans. In many cases not only are we pre-approved, but we can borrow direct from the developer for half what a local bank would charge us.

For instance, on our recent deal in Panama, RETA members can spread out their payments throughout the construction period and have the option to take 50% financing for five years after the condos are delivered.

Our goal is to double our cash invested within five years. So, with finance we can be into the deal for 50% of the purchase price, meaning we can double our money with only a 50% appreciation.

And the thing is, many of our deals have already appreciated by more than 20% immediately after retail launch, making this goal very conservative.

An off-market RETA-only deal must see us paying much less than anyone else, which means we're locking in significant gains from the get-go. I particularly love deals that offer us rapid appreciation and enormous income potential should we chose to rent upon delivery.

I only bring deals I would be happy to invest in myself and I often do invest, alongside RETA members—just as I have done in Panama, Cabo, and multiple times on the Riviera Maya.

Like I say, the benefit or RETA is that we don't have competitors. There is no other group like it. We never pay the prices regular retail buyers are willing to drop...and we don't enter into bidding wars...

Why make war when you can make money?

If you're interested in joining us, next week, I'm opening up the best value membership deal I've ever offered. Stay tuned for more...

Editor's note: Ronan McMahon is the editor of Real Estate Trend Alert and a contributing editor to IL.

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