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Earlier this week I told you about a "little slice of hell" selling in Colorado for over $600,000 cash.
It was the perfect example of how crazy some real estate markets are getting…

The best indicator that this isn't normal is to simply compare to what's available overseas, where you can find comfy, liveable homes and for sometimes a lot less than $100k.

For example, right now you could buy a thatched-roof cottage in the Irish countryside for less than $110k… or a 1,700 square feet town home in southwest France for under $98,000… or a four-bed house in the Portuguese mountains for just less than $88k…

This might sound too good to be true, but you can actually see these listings for yourself in another FREE report I've unlocked for you. It's called Pocket-Money Boltholes and you can click here to read it now.

And don't forget, at noon ET today (just a few hours from now), registration for How to Profit from the Global Real Estate Boom will open. But only for a few days. So when you get my email you need to hurry.
Until then, click here to read Pocket-Money Boltholes.

By Ronan McMahon

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