Do you know how to win before trial?

Lawyers drag out cases so they can bill for more time. You don't have to wait for trial to win! You aren't billing for your time!

Many pro se litigants fail to do things "the right way" as JurisDictionary® explains. Then they get trapped into going through a full-blown trial where time constraints and nervous pressure makes winning difficult.

If you have a winnable case, my course shows you how to win before trial.

Do you have the winning facts and law on your side?

Then learn how to win before trial!

1.    There is no evidence you cannot get in before trial.
2.    There are no witnesses you cannot question under oath before trial.
3.    There are no documents or things you cannot get in before trial.
4.    There are no legal arguments you cannot make before trial.
5.    There is nothing going to happen at trial that cannot be made to happen before trial.

The "trying" of your case with the first pleading and continues with discovery and motions before trial.
Common reasons cases go to trial are:

1.    Lazy lawyer didn't do the pre-trial work he could have done.
2.    Stupid lawyer didn't know how to do the pre-trial work he could have done.
3.    Greedy lawyer didn't want to do the pre-trial work he could have done.

4.    No lawyer had no idea how to do the pre-trial work that could have been done ... pri-trial work you will learn in this case-winning tactics course..

Don't wait for trial!

1.    Trial is uncertain, especially with unpredictable juries and crooked lawyers.
2.    Trial is "think on your feet" with opponent trying to throw you off with objections.
3.    Trial is a nasty battle against lawyers' willing to cheat if they can.
4.    Trial is a last bite at the apple, with no take backs and no retreats.

Win before trial ... and do it without a lawyer!

It's easier than you may imagine!

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