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Updated: March 12, 2019
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iFlip is investing software that uses algorithmic intelligence to buy stocks ONLY when the odds are in your favor. Our software will buy, sell and hold daily for you like a Wall Street pro.
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Posted On:January 9, 2019
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Location: United States
iFlip Invest's mission is to preserve, protect and GROW your wealth. We are here to "flip" the wall street investing world on its head in favor of the individual investor (you). For decades Major Financial Institutions have controlled the investing market with professional mathematical tools. These strategies have always given them a leg up on the average investor (i.e. us) in the stock market. This has given them the ability to charge a variety of fees that most people never know or hear about. Over time, these fees add up to be more than what you’ve actually invested. Our investing software helps protect your wealth by cutting out the middleman (i.e. financial advisors, mutual funds, brokers and banks) and utilize the power of these algorithmic intelligent tools the wealthy investors have been using for years. The average person is able to grow their wealth (retirement and stocks) through secure algorithmic trading without paying hefty management fees. Cutting out the middleman means our customers can have the luxury of owning an investment account that is being managed daily by our algorithmic intelligent software. This tool "Reduces risk to maximize long term gains". WealthCare Connect may receive compensation from this provider for purchases you make through the above link.