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Short Description
At Silvernest, we’re creating the next generation of roommates. A more modern kind. A well-matched kind. A kind that’s just your style. The result? Extra income and an expanded community, with support every step of the way. After all, this is your house. Silvernest just helps you put the “us” in it.
Listing Information
Posted On:April 17, 2019
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Location: United States
Describe yourself and what you’re looking for in a housemate — they come in all ages and situations! Silvernest lets you choose how you want to homeshare, including the option to reduce your rent in exchange for help around the house. Plus, all Silvernest members are ID-verified to ensure a community of real users. Based on the preferences you indicate in your profile, our system will automatically match you with compatible housemates in your area. Securely communicate with as many candidates as you like until you find your perfect housemate. Want even more security? Request a background screen (including eviction history) from your potential renter in the Silvernest platform. Use code COMMUNITY at checkout to receive 20% off the first month of your Silvernest membership*. *Limited time promotion may be currently unavailable. WealthCare Connect may receive compensation from this provider for purchases you make through the above link.
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