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Do you ever worry about your retirement savings getting wiped-out right when you need it most?
When your retirement funds are in a 401(k) – you're limited to traditional investments…
Like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and cash.
But what if you don’t trust the stock market to keep your life savings safe?
Eith a self-directed IRA You can choose from many more asset classes… including precious metals.
Even better, you can buy your gold (or other precious metals) at an unbelievable 15% to 45% discount.
How is this possible?
Like your 401(k), all the money inside your self-directed IRA goes in pre-tax…
Which means any investments you make using pre-tax money is like getting an instant “discount” on anything you buy.
Here’s what I mean…
Let’s assume you pay 30% of your income in total taxes.
That means for every $100 you earn, you wind up with $70 after taxes.
And if you buy precious metals with that money, it means you’re already “down” 30%.
PLUS! You’ll pay no capital gains taxes for any transactions you make inside of your Freedom Account -- either deferred until you retire/withdraw, or tax free forever.
Pretty sweet right?

More info at: https://www.wealthcareconnect.com/index.php/advanc...

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