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North Carolina Professor, Dan Ariely... wrote a book about you.
It’s called: ‘Predictably Irrational’.
Inside, he argues
That the decisions you make are far less rational than you think.
Well, Dan got it WRONG.
What if I told you:
There was something you can do for your future, right now.
That could help you have a much more predictable and comfortable retirement.
A DECISION you could make...
That would be ‘Predictably Rational’.
And, prove Dan wrong.

Let me explain...
As you know, your existing 401k or IRA allows you to save money for retirement in a tax-advantaged way.
But chances are, you only have access to a limited number of investment options… like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and cash.
Now, I don’t know about you, but when it comes to keeping my retirement funds safe…
I’d like some more freedom and flexibility with where I invest my money.
I’d much rather also have real, physical, tangible assets that have a proven track record of safety…
Which is why so many people are opening up a Precious Metal IRA with Hard Assets Alliance.
It gets better…
Because YOU have four IRA options to choose from.  

  1. The Traditional IRA allows you up to $6000 in pre-tax contributions per year in 2019. Taxes on gains are deferred until you withdraw, typically many years later in retirement.

  2. Roth IRA is like a Traditional IRA except Roth IRA contributions are not tax deductible, but gains are tax-free forever.

  3. SEP IRA, the SEP stands for simplified employee pension. It’s like a Traditional IRA but with higher limits for the self-employed.

  4. A SIMPLE IRA (Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees) is similar to a SEP, and also for small business owners.

Each option has its own pros and cons, especially as it relates to taxes…
So please talk to a qualified tax professional about your specific situation.
But if you decide to apply for your account before midnight on Sunday, April 28th…
We’ll give you free storage on anything you buy, no limit, through September 30, 2019.
But back to Dan’s point about people being irrational…
If you ask me, this isn’t a question of rational or irrational decision making.
It’s about having the freedom to choose what makes the most sense for you.
And for me, that’s a “Predictably Rational” choice I’ll make any day of the week.
Go here to apply for your Precious Metals IRA now

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