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Every case is won or lost on only two (2) things!

  • The Admissible Evidence and
  • The Law of the Case

You don't need to know "every law" ever written!

You just need to know "the law of the case" ... in your case!

Consider the fellow piling things in the balance shown here. Imagine he is "building his case". He doesn't have a great number of things on his side. He has a wee bit more than the other side, and that's all it takes to win!

  • Admissible Evidence
  • The Law of the Case

You don't need to know everything lawyers know!

You only need to know:

  1. The law of your case and
  2. How to use the rules to force the court to admit your evidence and enter the orders you seek.

It sounds simple because IT IS SIMPLE!

The law of your case can be understood in an hour or less of online legal research.

For information on the "How to Win in Court, self-help course, click HERE.

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