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What do these industry giants...


Nike*. Microsoft. Disney and Dell - have in common?


They ALL started in a garage.


Now, picture your garage or living room.


And imagine a pure platinum bullion cube - wall to wall - inside it.


Can you see it?  Good.


That's the total amount of platinum EVER extracted from the earth.


Approximately 248.83 metric tonnes.


Which makes platinum 30 times rarer than gold.


And in a moment...


I’ll give you 4 reasons why you might reconsider this noble metal for your portfolio.


But first...


What makes Platinum an industry ‘giant’ in the making?


It functions as a precious metal...


… and as an industrial metal.


Which means it doesn't just look pretty.


It has infinite economic uses.


And wouldn't it feel good... to own and invest in a metal like that?


You know...


One that can appreciate - without the world coming to an end?


Well, you can.


Here's the deal...


If you'd like to add some platinum to your precious metals portfolio.


Now, we’re making it even easier to get started with adding platinum to your portfolio.


For this week only, you’ll get 1% cashback on all platinum you purchase for storage using your SmartMetals account.


Need more info? I got you.


Here are 4 reasons - why platinum is so special - and widely misunderstood.


  1. Military. Platinum’s resistance to high temperatures, means defense systems use it.


For example: Under extreme temperatures durability is essential. So Military aircraft and missile nose cones need it.


  • Are armies around the world currently stockpiling weapons?


  1. Medical. Platinum has a variety of little-known uses in medicine.


Did you know that doctors use it in cancer-fighting chemotherapy treatments?


It’s true, they really do.


It's also biocompatible and can safely remain in the body.  Connecting pacemakers to hearts.


It makes precision instruments visible during keyhole surgery.


And, it gets used as non-corroding replacement parts for the human body. 

Think joint replacements.


  • Are doctors and surgeons performing life-saving miracles every single day?


  1. Auto-industry. Platinum is used in catalytic converters to clean exhaust emissions from diesel engines.


And as China and India work towards upgrading standards.


Millions and millions of vehicles will need to meet Euro regulations.


Meaning the global catalytic converter market could explode.


And, with the push for electric cars ever present.


While some believe this will negatively affect platinum.


Not so - because electric cars use platinum too.


Fuel cell vehicles use a platinum catalyst.  Making tailpipe emissions pure water.


  • Are car manufacturers still producing and innovating?


4.Hot Works/Smelting. Platinum has a high-melting-point and is resistant to abrasion and corrosion.


Making it ideal for handling very hot substances like molten glass.


And, fiberglass gets used in a variety of ways.


Tiny circuit boards.  Kayaks. F1 Chassis.  Big Yachts etc.


  • Are luxury boat builders still building?


  • Race cars still racing?


So there you have it…


4 reasons platinum is a very special precious and industrial metal.

And hopefully, you now understand the true value of silver’s little brother.

If you’ve heard enough and you want to get some of this very special metal into your portfolio.


All you need to do is login to your SmartMetals account and buy platinum for storage.


And if you make your purchase before midnight on Sunday, May 5th… you’ll also receive “1% cashback” as a special rebate.


“Platinum got started in the ground - and turned into billions”


And now, the above ground supply, can sit in your garage or living room.


Its total value?


Approximately $6.4 billion USD.


Is this just the start?


Could the value of each ounce grow higher?


As you can see, the demand is strong.


In fact, it's increasing.


"It is encouraging to see investment demand for platinum growing rapidly in 2019, and we expect this trend to continue.”


  • Paul Wilson, CEO of The World Platinum Investment Council (WPIC)


But the thing is: some are predicting the supply could be dwindling.


Because the platinum mines in Russia and South Africa, have a problem... a BIG problem, and I'll tell you about that tomorrow.


I almost forgot to mention.


Here are 3 more reasons experts are saying platinum looks like the deal of the decade.


  1. It’s cheap. In fact, it looks undervalued.


So says Georgette Boele, senior foreign-currency and precious-metals analyst at ABN Amro Bank NV.


“Platinum has been beaten up too much and became too cheap.”


Which means now could be the perfect time to get your ounces.


  1. It's silver's little brother. And while many investors turn their back on platinum, to focus on something else. One day they may regret it. Those who didn’t may celebrate.




“This is a market nobody cares about. Such markets are good to buy into. One day a lot of people will care.”


– Dominic Frisby, Moneyweek Newsletter


  1. Gold/Platinum Ratio.


Do you like a good bargain?


Right now, platinum is close to its lowest level in nearly a decade…


It’s trading about 30% below the price of gold, and could start to attract value investors looking to get in cheap.


“Platinum has some significant upside potential from current levels, as a result of its overall industrial usage and within autos.

Platinum currently trading both below gold and palladium makes it attractive from a pure price standpoint, as historically platinum has traded at a premium to both.”

– Ed Egilinsky, managing director of Direxion.


You may consider this your time to strike.


Could Platinum be the deal of the decade?


You decide.


Remember: For a LIMITED TIME only...


You'll receive "1% cashback" when you decide to buy platinum for storage - using your SmartMetals account.


However, this offer will expire at midnight on Sunday, May 6th.


P.P.S * Nike actually began in the trunk of a Plymouth Valiant.

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