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Arguing with judges is like arguing with baseball umpires.

You better know the rules AND HOW TO USE THEM!

Here are a few rules from the Official Major League Baseball Rulebook:

  • A player is not permitted to step or go into a dugout to make a catch.
  • A player is permitted to reach into a dugout to make a catch.
  • If a player makes a catch outside the dugout and his momentum carries him into the dugout, the catch is allowed as long as the player does not fall in the dugout.

Simple enough?


What if one team doesn't know the rules?

Will it do any good to argue with the umpire?

Probably not!

And %#$@&$#*% will only get you thrown out of the park!

To argue with a baseball umpire or judge in a courtroom, you must know the Rules ... and how how to use them tactically.

Know the official rules and how to use them ... or lose!

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