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Law school teaches all sorts of things ... but not how to control judges nor how to overcome scheming tricks of crooked lawyers!

Law school is not the real world.

Law professors are too politically correct to teach law students that judges are sometimes biased or corrupt.

Most law professors never practiced law, so they don't know how to overcome the scheming tricks of crooked lawyers.

What law students learn in law school is legal theory to pass a Bar Exam.

Theory doesn't win in court.

Controlling judges wins in court!

Learn what's important, what's not, and how to focus your energy where it belongs: getting court orders!

Posturing, big words, flamboyant behavior, lapel-thumbing, and courtroom strutting accomplishes nothing!

The only thing that matters is the ink flowing from a judge's pen.

Control corrupt judges and overcome crooked lawyers.

Our "How to Win in Court" course shows how.

For information on the "How to Win in Court, self-help course, click HERE.

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