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If you could invest in tech & electronics - without buying stocks.
And get in on - the most exciting innovations in technology — but play it relatively safe.
You’d be interested, right?
Thought so.
Take a look at this…

Yes, it’s a circuit board / multi-layer ceramic (chip) capacitors (MLCC).
And millions and millions of phones, laptops and flat screen TVs all NEED one.
But here’s something most people don’t know about circuit boards/MLCCs.
The majority of them contain palladium.
Heck, the device you’re reading this message on right now likely has palladium inside it.
Because palladium is used to coat electrodes — the tiny components in electronic products which help to control the flow of electricity.
Why am I telling you this?
In 2018, approximately:
1.56 billion smartphones
162 million laptops
150 million tablets
221 million TVs were SOLD worldwide.
In fact, the Global Consumer Electronics Market is predicted to reach USD 1,787 Billion by 2024.
I’d consider that a LOT of commercial and consumer demand for palladium, would you agree?
Just ask yourself...
Does almost every teenager you see — seem to have, some kind of tech gadget permanently attached to their hand — and do you yourself, ever leave home without your phone?
Case closed.
If you’d like to get to invest in a multi-billion dollar industry using your SmartMetals account
All you have to do is login and buy palladium.
But here’s the thing:
Can we guarantee the price of palladium will go up?
No, of course not.
However, as you can see...
Palladium does seem to be an excellent way — to get exposure to multiple huge trends that are transforming our world — without risking the shirt on your back, betting on some high-flying tech stock.
If palladium sounds like it fits your precious metal investment strategy.
You can add some to your portfolio now.
Simply login into your SmartMetals account.

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