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Last year alone, solar energy accounted for 29% of all new electric generating capacity.
In fact, the solar energy industry is expected to hit $60 billion in U.S. sales over the next 10 years.
And because of this energy revolution...
Silver could become the #1 precious metal to own in 2019.
Let’s take a look at the two opportunities where silver plays a big role:
#1 ) The Solar Energy Industry
Like I mentioned, solar energy is booming in America.
But globally… it’s doing even better.
The global solar energy industry is expected to reach $422 billion by 2022.
That’s a 4,938% increase from 2015.
As you may know, solar energy is harvested through solar panels which are made with silver.
Which means investing in silver is investing in the raw material powering this energy revolution.
But there’s a huge problem right now limiting solar energy’s growth.
See, you can’t use it when there’s no sun.
Natural gas is still #1 because it’s the only way to power entire countries at night.
But not for much longer...
Because the solution to this huge problem is the second opportunity...
And this solution could make solar the world’s biggest energy source.
#2 ) Fuel Cells

The U.S. Department of Energy predicts the fuel cell industry will be worth $43 billion to $139 billion in the next 10-20 years.
But as of today, there’s a big problem with making fuel cells.
Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) offer a stable and efficient way to generate clean electrochemical power...
But they’re impractical for use in portable devices because of their high operating temperatures.
Not to mention the fact they require platinum to be used as the catalyst… which isn’t exactly the cheapest material to be using.
According to Suljo Linic, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Michigan, silver could be the answer to this problem.

“We have been looking at a silver-based compound and we have known for a long time that silver can form this type of reaction at about 10 to 15 times lower rates than platinum. But what we like about silver is that it’s very cheap, about 50 times cheaper than platinum, and when forming silver nanoparticles it allows for a high density of active sites in the material.”

Linic said up until recently silver would have been useless in the acidic environment of fuel cells...
But advances in new membrane technologies in the last decade allow for silver to be used in basic fuel cells without being prohibitively expensive.
Which means investing in silver could give you exposure to the most promising disruptive force in the energy sector.
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