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The following are of things YOU must do to win.

  • Draft proper pleadings with all fact elements
  • Obtain all necessary evidence before trial
  • Make effective oral motions
  • Draft effective written motions
  • Use online legal research
  • Draft compelling memoranda
  • Insure a written record of all proceedings
  • Object promptly to all errors of opponent
  • Object promptly to all errors of judge
  • Renew objections to all un-cured errors of judge
  • Keep your opponent's evidence out
  • Get your evidence in
  • Stop opponent from proposing false orders
  • Offer to draft all orders
  • Stop opponent's lawyer from testifying
  • ... and more ... !


If you don't know how to do these simple tasks, you will likely lose ... needlessly.

Learning is easy.

Our "How to Win in Court" course makes it easy!.

Anyone can learn "How to Win in Court".

For information on the "How to Win in Court” self-help course, click HERE

Website:  www.howtowinincourt.com?refercode=SR0094

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