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The summer of 2019 has been an exciting time for precious metals.


As of this writing, gold is trading at $1,499/oz… its highest mark since 2013.


Gold is hot again…


Analysts are talking it up on CNBC…

Hedge funds are buying gold…


● You might have seen Ray Dalio, who helms the world’s largest hedge fund, pick gold as his top investment just recently. 


● Or legendary manager Paul Tudor Jones do the same


And gold ETFs… a/k/a paper gold… are seeing record inflows from investors. Global assets in all gold ETFs reached $111 billion in June, the most in six years.


Why the sudden demand for gold?

It’s simple. People are worried about their money.

And for good reason…


● The trade and currency wars between the US and China have no clear end in sight.


● The Federal Reserve has already sounded the alarm and preemptively cut interest rates.

● And negative rate debt… a mind-boggling concept where investors are forced to “pay” for the privilege of holding bonds… has swelled to $14.1 trillion, the highest ever.


Meanwhile central banks including China, Russia, and Poland are buying as much gold as they can get… literally putting tons of gold in their vaults.


The reasons to own gold at this point in time are numerous and growing.

Gold’s job is to help protect against uncertainty, conflict, and market turmoil. It generally retains its value, and serves as a hedge against inflation and devaluing currencies.

If you think the road ahead looks rough... are you sure you have enough ounces?

The risks continue to grow. And a return to healthy markets, honest economies, stable currencies, and healthy geopolitics may be measured in years, not days or weeks.

The gold you own through this tumultuous period can provide piece of mind like no other investment can.

In times like this, it’s important that you keep on top of the precious metals news.

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