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Know What the Law Actually Says and Means!

One of the biggest mistakes is mis-reading the law.

* Constitutions
* Rules
* Statutes
* Codes
* Court Rulings
* Other Legal Documents

If you don't know what a law actually says, you'll have a hard time getting a judge to agree with you!

Understanding the "rules of language interpretation" is essential ... not only to winning lawsuits but to obtain success in other pursuits of life as well.

Legal language must be interpreted according to the "rules of language interpretation".

Understanding the "rules of language interpretation" is vital to winning your case.

You DO want to win, don't you?

Too many otherwise clever people "assume" they know what a law says, when the only opinion that counts in court is what appellate justices say the law says.

Appellate justices apply the "rules of language interpretation".

You must also!

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