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Find the Law that Controls the Judge!

You cannot win without controlling judges.

You cannot control judges unless you research and cite controlling "legal authority" for every point you seek to make on the court's record!

We show you how in our "How to Win in Court" course.

The judge is not the authority!

Learn how to make it crystal clear on the court's record that the judge will be reversed on appeal if he rules against you.

Otherwise, a judge is free to ignore everything you say and rule any way he pleases in spite of what the law and facts may prove to the contrary ... because he knows he will not be reversed on appeal.

The appeal process will not give you another bite at the proverbial apple. Either you make your points with the trial judge by researching and properly citing controlling "legal authority", or you run the risk of losing your case and being stuck with the judge's unjust decision forever!

Controlling judges wins lawsuits!

The only thing that counts is how the controlling appellate courts read and interpret the law, and what they say those things mean in regard to the facts of your case.

The other side will cite legal authorities for their case.

You must do the same ... if you want to win.

Learn how to use on-line legal research and how to cite case-winning legal authority with the affordable, official, step-by-step 3 day Jurisdictionary self-help course!

So easy an 8th grader can do it!

For information on the “How to Win in Court” online course, click HERE  

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