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Get your way the Right Way!

Having a judge rule against you because he doesn't "like" you isn't a good thing! It helps to have the judge "on your side".


There's only ONE WAY to get a judge's favor.

Know what you're doing, do it well, and don't waste the court's time!

Currying favor with flattery doesn't work. Judges get the "sweet treatment" every day. Trying to butter up a judge with flowery words will work against you. The judge won't respect you. The judge will wonder what you're hiding.

Challenging a judge's "oath of office" won't win points, either.

Nor will arguing over flag etiquette or your name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

Know what you're doing, do it well, AND DON'T WASTE THE COURT'S TIME!

Know how to work within the system, instead of trying to make end-runs around the rules with silly games the judges are familiar with already.

Know how to state your position clearly with properly-drafted pleadings, motions, and memoranda.

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