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People complain their "rights" are being taken away.

A few are ready to fight-and-die to protect our "rights".

But only a few know their #1 Right!

In fact, the main reason we're losing so many rights these days is because too few of you know your #1 Right!

What is this "right" too few of you know?

It is your right to know how to enforce your rights!

Government isn't telling you!

Your tax-supported schools aren't teaching you.

The legal profession is doing a bang up job hiding it from you!

An old adage says, "Ignorance of the law is no excuse," yet neither government nor the legal profession has at any time in the history of the world made any genuine effort to teach the public how justice is secured in courts. Nothing about the rules of evidence. Nothing about the rules of procedure. Nothing about how to use the rules to get Justice! Nothing!

Your rights are nothing but empty promises if you don't know how (or can't afford a lawyer) to enforce them!

Think about it!

Without your #1 Right (or tens of thousands of dollars to pay lawyers) what good are all those "rights" your government promises you?

If you don't know how to enforce your rights, do you really have any?

Think carefully!

Rights without the know-how to enforce them are just empty promises for anyone but the filthy rich!

They are like carrots on a stick, encouraging us to be good little boys and girls, working hard and buying things to keep the economy going for the benefit of the well-to-do who can afford lawyers to fight for them!

You've been lied to long enough!

Read Luke 11:52 in your Bible to discover how long the wool has been pulled over the public's eyes by lawyers who've been running the world far too long by purposely keeping you in the dark so lawyers can get rich at your expense!

Your blindfold is coming off!

The legal profession cannot hide your #1 Right any longer!

Your #1 Right is easy-to-learn!

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