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Life Settlement Advisors
July 30, 2019

A life settlement can be an excellent option for obtaining an immediate payout of cash to alleviate financial burdens such as debt or costly medical treatments. With more than 500,000 seniors allowing their life insurance policy to lapse annually, you might want to consider if a life settlement is right for you.

Qualifying for a life settlement takes many factors into account. While each situation is different, below are some minimum requirements that could mean the difference of thousands of dollars for you and your family. Here’s how to know if you qualify for a life settlement.

Age and Health that Qualifies for a Life Settlement

One out of every four 65-year-olds will live past age 90. A policyholder’s current age and health condition are critical factors in determining if they are a good candidate for a life settlement. Seniors aged 65 and older can qualify for a life settlement, and the older the person is, the more valuable the life settlement. A change in health since the policy was issued may increase the chances of qualifying for a life settlement.

Life Expectancy that Qualifies for a Life Settlement

Life expectancy, calculated using medical records and age, is another key factor in determining whether you qualify for a life settlement. The life expectancy for Americans has been increasing for the past 100 years, but the policies that are most attractive to third-party buyers are those with a shorter life expectancy. This is because the longer a person is projected to live, the longer the buyer has to pay the premium and wait to collect the death benefit. The most suitable candidate for a life settlement is one with a life expectancy of less than 13 years.

Premium Amount that Qualifies for a Life Settlement

Premiums for term or universal life policies often increase over time. Since a third-party buyer will be taking over the monthly premiums, the lower the cost of those premiums, the more value to a life settlement. Yearly premiums are one of the biggest drivers in determining the value of the policy.

Type and Size of Policies that Qualify for a Life Settlement

Life insurance policies that qualify for a life settlement must be at least two years old, and the death benefit on the policy should be at least $100,000. While  universal life, is the most common policy purchased, convertible term, whole life, and second to die policies can qualify for a life settlement as well. Premium financed and standard term policies do not qualify, due to additional investment risk.

Baby Boomers are retiring at a rate of about 10,000 per day, which is nearly 4 million per year. Many of these seniors’ life insurance policies are no longer necessary, or the money they could receive in a life settlement could be put to better use. After you understand how to know if you qualify for a life settlement, use our life settlement calculator to give you a better understanding of where you’ll stand once you’re ready to apply.

Case Study: Henry lost his wife to cancer last year. The $300k term life insurance policy was no longer needed. Henry’s policy is convertible, so he sold his policy for $55k and used the proceeds to check off a few items on his bucket list.

Leo LaGrotte
Life Settlement Advisors

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Life Settlement Advisors
July 19, 2019


Can I Really Sell My Life Insurance Policy for Cash?

(2 Minute Read)

We’ve all seen offers that are just too good to be true. It’s wise to be wary of any strategy that promises to get you cash quick, and retirees are especially good at spotting those coming from a mile away. But when we say you can sell all or a portion of your life insurance policy, even term insurance, for more than the cash surrender value, chances are you could easily qualify. Life settlements are a reliable and increasingly popular way for people nearing or in retirement to gain valuable extra cash. But how does it work? And how do you know if you qualify?

Basics of Selling Life Settlements for Cash

Life settlements are lump sums of money that are awarded to individuals selling off an unwanted life insurance policy. This usually applies to individuals over the age of 70 with policy benefits of $100,000 or greater. After filling out a questionnaire, we will review your personal information, the details of your policy, and medical records. Once approved, the qualified professionals at Life Settlement Advisors will begin interacting with independent third-party investors who are interested in purchasing these life insurance policies.

There are many reasons that a retiree or senior may want to ditch a life insurance policy, take the money, and run. You may find that premiums have grown too high for your budget, or you may have a term policy that is rapidly approaching its expiration date. You might even just find that you need to seek new ways to supplement your existing budget or income. Regardless of why, selling your insurance policy via a life settlement is an easy and effective way to help your financials during retirement.

What Determines if I Qualify?

The application process is a vital element of determining how much a life settlement is worth and if it’s the right choice for you. We suggest those considering life settlements take advantage of our life settlement calculator to find out if you qualify. The process only takes a few minutes and poses some basic questions, asking for age, health of the insured, what type of policy you own, the cash surrender value, and the death benefit. If you’re unsure of how to answer any of those questions, you may consider checking with your financial advisor. You can also contact Life Settlement Advisors for further inquiries. We’ll be happy to help you learn more about your potential settlement and the financial flexibility getting cash for your insurance policy can provide.

Case Study: Bill and Sharon both retired last spring. Their only son lived in Georgia, a five-hour road trip one way. Sharon convinced Bill to move to Georgia, so they could be closer to their grandchildren. Bill discovered that he could sell his life insurance policy and used the proceeds for a down payment on their new home in Georgia.

Leo LaGrotte
Life Settlement Advisors

WealthCare Connect may receive compensation from Life Settlement Advisors for purchases make through links(s) on this website.

Medicare Interactive
April 24, 2019


Medicare Interactive Pro (MI Pro) is a comprehensive online curriculum designed to empower any professional to help their clients, patients, employees, retirees, and others navigate their Medicare coverage to access affordable health care.

Building on the Medicare Rights Center’s almost 30 years of health care counseling and educational expertise, MI Pro offers a four-level Core Curriculum, with four to five interactive courses in each level. Among the topics included are “Medicare Basics,” “Medicare Appeals and Penalties,” and “Medicare and Other Insurance and Assistance Programs.”

Additionally, “Special Topics” courses augment the Core Curriculum to address specific Medicare subjects in detail for users who want to develop expertise in key Medicare areas, like Fall Open Enrollment.

MI Pro subscribers have access to:

  • Interactive activities and knowledge quizzes
  • Automatic course bookmarking so learners can continue where they left off
  • An array of printable supplementary tools and fliers
  • Review tests at the end of every course – pass the course with a grade of 80 percent or higher and download a certificate of completion
  • Educational content vetted by a team of Medicare Rights Center experts
  • Closed captioning

MI Pro is structured so that each course level builds on the information learned in previous levels. A free assessment places users into the appropriate course and level, and quizzes and downloadable materials accompanying each course test subscribers’ knowledge.

MI Pro is available today. To learn more, please visit https://www.medicareinteractive.org/wcc

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