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The Bulldog Method: How To Sniff Out, Hunt Down, And Hold Onto Every Deduction You Are Entitled To! Here is what you will learn: The 10 simple questions you can ask your current accountant to see if you need to switch to a better one – one that can do remarkable things. Learn about the dirty secret we have all been brainwashed to believe about even the best accountants. Plus find out the simple method you can use to put a stop to this money-draining problem. How to quickly learn what the top 5 deductions for your business are. Plus, get a short-cut that will help you learn everything you need to know about them in less than a day. Your accountants jaw will hit the floor when you display your new-found knowledge in your next meeting. Discover how to force the most popular accounting systems to actually do your accounting in a way that will hold up in an IRS audit (Almost no-one is doing this and it is the reason why the IRS wins 9 out of 10 audits). Find out about other software tools that can do most of the IRS compliance work for you… Automatically with almost no work from you. Find out how to put your tax savings to work for you and design a wealth plan that is guaranteed to accelerate your ability to retire (even if you decide you don’t want to officially). How we found $10,000 of missed tax savings on the tax returns for 7 total strangers. (We did it in less than 6 minutes and all the tax returns had been professionally done). Plus we will show you how to see if you can find a quick $10,000 in hidden opportunities for free.
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