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Posted: Tue,19 Feb 2019 07:11:01 GMT
IRS Tax Tip 2019-10, February 19, 2019
The earned income tax credit benefits low to moderate income people and families. The credit can lower the tax someone owes or mean a refund for the taxpayer.
Posted: Tue,12 Feb 2019 06:34:22 GMT
IRS Tax Tip 2019-07, February 12, 2019
The IRS offers several payment options where taxpayers can pay immediately or arrange to pay in installments. Taxpayers can pay online, by phone, or with their mobile device and the IRS2Go app. Taxpayers should pay in full...
Posted: Thu,07 Feb 2019 04:31:27 GMT
Sandy Botkin
Many more vehicles will qualify for cents per mile method: If you were incorporated and reimbursed for your vehicle usage, you company could only reimburse you using the 54.5¢ per mile method if the vehicle was worth under...
Posted: Tue,05 Feb 2019 08:34:01 GMT
Alexandr Starodubtsev
FINRA 2019 Risk Priorities and Examination Priorities Letter
Posted: Fri,01 Feb 2019 06:22:31 GMT
Sandy Botkin
Normally, tax law principles are quite simple: the person who earns the money, pays tax at their current single or married filing joint rates. Under the old law, however, there was a strange provision that provided that children...
Posted: Thu,31 Jan 2019 06:52:22 GMT
IRS Tax Tip 2019-03
As people prepare to file their taxes, there are things to consider. They will want to determine if they need to file and the best way to do so.
Posted: Thu,31 Jan 2019 05:01:37 GMT
Steven Findlay - Kaiser Health News
People looking for insurance during the recent open enrollment period were frequently directed to websites promoting plans that are not required to offer the federal health law’s consumer guarantees.
Posted: Wed,30 Jan 2019 06:18:27 GMT
Guidant Financial
401(k) business financing lets new and existing business owners use their retirement funds to start or buy a business, without incurring tax penalties or taking a loan.
Posted: Tue,29 Jan 2019 06:10:26 GMT
Daniel Satchkov
Bitcoin certainly flames the passions. Usually reserved academics start to sound like fiery pastors preaching against the evil one when topic of Bitcoin is brought up. Central bankers call it intrinsically worthless (THAT...
Posted: Mon,28 Jan 2019 04:22:38 GMT
Elisabeth Rosenthal
Hospitals must publicly reveal the contents of their master price lists.