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Posted: Mon,10 Jun 2019 02:47:43 GMT
Phil Galewitz - Kaiser Health News
As health costs continue to grow, straining employer budgets and slowing wage growth, others in the business community are beginning to take the option more seriously.
Posted: Mon,03 Jun 2019 03:01:56 GMT
Roxie Hammill - Kaiser Health News
In a mission of forgiveness, churches around the country are buying up medical debt for pennies on the dollar then erasing the debts of strangers. Since the start of 2018, at least 18 churches nationwide have abolished more than $34 million burdening America’s most debt-ridden patients.
Posted: Fri,31 May 2019 01:41:30 GMT
Michelle Andrews - Kaiser Health News
Elham Mirshafiei was at the library cramming for final exams during her senior year at California State University-Long Beach when she grew nauseated and started vomiting. After the 10th episode in an hour, a friend took her to the nearest emergency room. Diagnosis: an intestinal bug and severe dehy...
Posted: Wed,24 Apr 2019 03:03:01 GMT
Victoria Knight
In 10 years, more than half of middle-income Americans age 75 or older will not be able to afford to pay for yearly assisted living rent or medical expenses, according to a study published Wednesday in Health Affairs.
Posted: Wed,20 Mar 2019 04:23:55 GMT
Michelle Andrews - Kaiser Health News
Medicare doesn’t pay for an annual physical, but it does cover an annual wellness visit focused on preventing disease and disability by coming up with a “personalized prevention plan” for future medical issues. It is important to use the correct term when scheduling a doctor’s visit.