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Posted: Thu,07 Feb 2019 04:31:27 GMT
Sandy Botkin
Many more vehicles will qualify for cents per mile method: If you were incorporated and reimbursed for your vehicle usage, you company could only reimburse you using the 54.5¢ per mile method if the vehicle was worth under $20,000. Now, this has been increased by $30,000. Thus, if your company purc...
Posted: Fri,01 Feb 2019 06:22:31 GMT
Sandy Botkin
Normally, tax law principles are quite simple: the person who earns the money, pays tax at their current single or married filing joint rates. Under the old law, however, there was a strange provision that provided that children under age 19 or (or under 24 if they were unmarried and full time stude...
Posted: Tue,22 Jan 2019 05:51:56 GMT
Sandy Botkin
I have always maintained that we have two tax systems: one for employees that is designed to take your wealth. And, one for self-employed people, which is designed to stimulate economic growth. This point becomes particularly true as a result of the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. For example, employees ...
Posted: Tue,08 Jan 2019 07:40:32 GMT
Mike Brown
Anyone that has a credit card likely realizes how true the title of this article is. There are a lot of variables to look at when deciding which card is right for you. And just because you may not have perfect credit, it doesn't mean that you have to go to the dark side of […] Read more of this...
Posted: Mon,07 Jan 2019 04:50:31 GMT
Sandy Botkin
Round up of tax changes going into effect for 2019. While there are some changes that are more technical than I want to post here, there are some easier to understand changes: 4Higher withholding for foreigners: The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), generally now requires a withholding age...