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Posted: Tue,07 May 2019 02:52:52 GMT
Daniel Satchkov
Donald Trump yesterday suddenly threatened to increase tariffs on many Chinese goods from 10% to 25% effective this Friday. He also threatened to institute many new tariffs. According to his math, the new tariffs will amount to 25% on about $375 Billion in goods or roughly $94 Billion per year. Chin...
Posted: Tue,30 Apr 2019 04:22:44 GMT
Yon Perullo - Rixtrema
Environmental and socially responsible investing (also known as ESG, where the ‘G’ stands for governance) has been a hot topic in recent years. Since Earth Day was just a couple of days ago, I thought I would honor the day with a blog posting about ESG. Some reading that inspired this post was J...
Posted: Thu,28 Feb 2019 04:41:01 GMT
Nick Davidson - RiXtrema
Most fund managers justify the higher fees associated with the fund by explaining that their skill will allow them to deliver better results than the index.
Posted: Tue,05 Feb 2019 08:34:01 GMT
Alexandr Starodubtsev
FINRA 2019 Risk Priorities and Examination Priorities Letter
Posted: Tue,29 Jan 2019 06:10:26 GMT
Daniel Satchkov
Bitcoin certainly flames the passions. Usually reserved academics start to sound like fiery pastors preaching against the evil one when topic of Bitcoin is brought up. Central bankers call it intrinsically worthless (THAT should be one of the definitions of irony in the Webster’s). Bitcoin is expe...