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Posted: Tue,07 May 2019 09:34:50 GMT
A while back, we warned you about the “one ring” scam. That’s when you get a phone call from a number you don’t know, and the call stops after just one ring. The scammer is hoping you’ll call back, because it’s really an international toll number and will appear as a charge on your phone bill — with most of the money going to the scammer. Well, the scam is back with a vengeance, and the FCC just issued a new advisory about it. Read the FCC’s advisory for more detail, but the advice from both agencies remains the same if you get one of these calls: Don’t call back Report the robocall to the FTC at www.donotcall.gov and to the FCC at www.fcc.gov/complaints Always check your phone bill for suspicious or unusual charges
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