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Posted: Wed,24 Apr 2019 03:03:01 GMT
Victoria Knight
In 10 years, more than half of middle-income Americans age 75 or older will not be able to afford to pay for yearly assisted living rent or medical expenses, according to a study published Wednesday in Health Affairs.
Posted: Wed,14 Dec 2016 08:14:05 GMT
WASHINGTON — As tax filing season approaches, the Internal Revenue Service is reminding taxpayers there are things they should do now to get ready for filing season.
Posted: Wed,14 Dec 2016 09:11:41 GMT
With the 2017 tax filing season approaching, it’s not too early to think about how the health care law affects your taxes. The Affordable Care Act requires you and each member of your family to do at least one of the following: ...
Posted: Mon,19 Dec 2016 07:09:37 GMT
IRS Taxes. Security. Together. Tax Tip #9 December 19, 2016 You should always keep a copy of your tax return. It is even more important for 2017, as the Internal Revenue Service moves to strengthen its e-signature validation...
Posted: Mon,19 Dec 2016 07:29:12 GMT
Doug Walker, Deputy Commissioner, Communications
Gathering with family and friends during the holiday season reminds us we’re part of a strong community. And sometimes, in the spirit of the season, we break into song. Our take on “The Twelve Days of Christmas” —...
Posted: Wed,21 Dec 2016 12:46:58 GMT
IR-2016-172, Dec. 20, 2016 WASHINGTON — As the tax filing season approaches, the Internal Revenue Service reminds taxpayers that an appointment is required...
Posted: Wed,28 Dec 2016 05:52:23 GMT
IRS Protect Your Clients; Protect Yourself Tax Tip Number 4 This is one in a series of special security awareness tax tips for tax professionals. The “Protect Your Clients; Protect Yourself” campaign’s goal is to...
Posted: Thu,29 Dec 2016 06:27:17 GMT
Jim Borland, Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Communications
This is the season of caring. No matter your religion or belief, December is also considered a time to focus on the children we love. Whether we’re wrapping Santa’s gifts, buying Hanukkah treats, decorating the house...
Posted: Fri,30 Dec 2016 05:46:19 GMT
Long-term care is a range of services and supports you may need to meet your personal care needs. Most long-term care is not medical care, but rather assistance with the basic personal tasks of everyday life, sometimes called...
Posted: Sat,31 Dec 2016 05:23:21 GMT
December 30, 2016 by Alesha Hernandez Consumer Education Specialist, FTC
If you had a dollar for every New Year’s resolution you’ve broken, what would you do with all that money? If spending was your first thought, here’s a resolution that can help your money grow: create and use a budget...