Efficient business building services exclusively for WealthCare Connect Professional Members


In addition to the complimentary business building services available to all WealthCare Connect Professional Members; PRO+ Members receive Activity Points for posting approved content on the WealthCare Connect website. Activity Points may be redeemed for the services as noted in the Activity Point Awards table below. 

PRO+ Members also receive special pricing on many WealthCare Connect proprietary business building services, higher data upload levels, and the opportunity for additional revenue as instructors of WealthCare Courses.

When PRO+ Members earn 5,000 Activity Points they are automatically upgraded to PRO+ Partner status and become eligible to financially share in the success of WealthCare Connect.  Details pending.


Activity Point Awards


For information on the WealthCare Connect proprietary marketing services currently available,
click on the Media Kit link below:

WealthCare Connect Media Kit

At WealthCare Connect, we are building a community and fully understand that our Professional Members are a major component of our success, so in addition to helping enhance each Professional Member's current business productivity and profitability, we are also working on a plan to reward PRO+ Members with possible financial participation in the future success of WealthCare Connect.

 A limited number of PRO+ Memberships are currently available at $49.95 / yr.

Normal PRO+ Memberships are priced at $195.95 / yr.

  For details, click on the webcast image below to RSVP for the next WealthCare Webcast for Professionals.