Efficient business building services exclusively for WealthCare Connect Professional Members


At WealthCare Connect, we are very passionate about providing high-value services to our Professional Members. We also want to reward the Professional Members for their part in making WealthCare Connect a success. Therefore, in addition to the complimentary business building services available to all Professional Members, we offer the PRO+ Membership to reward those Professional Members for their contributions both today and in the future.

The tables below illustrate just some of the services available to PRO and PRO+ Members.



A limited number of PRO+ Memberships are currently available at $49.95.

Normal PRO+ Memberships are priced at $195.95.


Activity Point Awards


For information on the WealthCare Connect proprietary marketing services currently available,
click on the Media Kit link below or call WealthCare PRO Services at:

800 844-1324 x225

WealthCare Connect Media Kit

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