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January 2, 2017 · by
Test your knowledge on Investing!
1. If Mary put $100 every month into a high interest savings account, earning 6% interest, how much would she have after 20 years in today's dollars:
2. If you buy a company's stock:
3. If you buy a company's bond:
4. Which type of bond is the safest:
5. In general, if interest rates go down, then bond prices:
6. . If a company files for bankruptcy, which of the following securities is most at risk of becoming virtually worthless:
7. . You invest $500 to buy $1,000 worth of stock on margin. The value of the stock drops by 50%. You sell it. Approximately how much of your original $500 investment are you left with in the end:
8. Which of the following best explains why many municipal bonds pay lower yields than other government bonds:
9. Which of the following organizations insures you against your losses in the stock market:
10. Which is the best definition of