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Earn your NSSA® Social Security Advisor Certificate on your terms. Choose what works best for you. ___________________________ Upcoming NSSA classes and Webinars ___________________________ Enter discount code “returning” reducing tuition to $350. Discount is only available to current NSSA advisors. Cincinnati December 3, 2019 Ft Lauderdale January 16, 2020 Cincinnati January 31, 2020 Webinar December 27, 2019 Webinar January 13, 2020 Two Day Webinar: (Discount code for current NSSA advisors – “returningw”) (Two day webinars are a huge hit with advisors.) November 21 & 22, 2019 (10-2 ET both days) November Webinars (webinars begin at noon ET) November 20, 2019 NSSA Update November 26, 2019 Marketing – traditional and digital channels with LeadJig Special Holiday Webinar (50% discount) Jim and I are in the holiday spirit!!! We added a webinar on December 30th to the schedule. Yes, December 30th. The webinar begins at 8:00 am ET. We reduced the cost by 50% to $347.50. Pass this e-mail to your colleagues. Discount code is “nssaspecial”. We are looking to finish 2019 with a bang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Advanced Class The advanced class is gaining steam.!!! The advanced class qualifies for 5 hours of NSSA® CE. Agenda is attached. Included with the videos is our list of Situational Social Security questions along with the PowerPoint. As a special bonus, Jim and are recording segments on international SS issues and WEP/GPO. These segments will be available in January, February of 2020 and will be available to advisors purchasing by December 31, 2019 at no additional charge. Tuition is “only $300”. We are using Vimeo’s streaming platform. Purchase via this link. After December 31, 2019, tuition for the advanced class will increase to $350. The additional segments will increase the number of NSSA CE hours to 8! Recorded Webinars Oct 2, 2019 NSSA Update Sept 25, 2019 SS Help Centers Sept 25, 2019 Housing Wealth/Reverse Mortgage For information on NSSA, click HERE Live Classes: Enter “wealthcare” and Save $100 Live Webinars: Enter “wealthcareweb” and Save $50 On-Demand Webinars: Enter “wealthcareon” and Save $35 Register at: https://www.premiernssa.com/directory/class-schedule WealthCare Connect may receive a referral fee from NSSA for purchases make through these links.

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