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WealthCare Connect is the free wealthcare-themed social networking community and resource center designied to financially empower members through educational programming, DIY tools and professional guidance.


Integrated communication services allows members to discuss and collaborate on wealthcare issues.


Interactive educational programs and intuitive tools help members make informed wealthcare decisions.


Do-It-Yourself services and professional guidance help members take control of their wealthcare affairs.


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Educational Programs

Learn how to manage your wealthcare affairs
Online Courses - Webinars - On-Demand Videos - Local Seminars & Workshops

Informational Services

Stay updated on important issues
Live News - Talk Radio - Blogs - Documents - Publications - Postings - Videos

Events Calendar

Obtain venue information and RSVP for online and local onsite WealthCare Events
Online Courses - Live News & Updates - Webinars - Local Seminars & Workshops - Webcasts

Professional Directory

Find, review and engage with WealthCare Professionals
Bankers - Financial Planners - Investment Advisors - Insurance Agents - Lawyers - Mortgage Brokers - Real Estate Agents - Tax Advisors

Business Showcase

Obtain information, ratings and reviews on WealthCare Businesses and Providers
Banking - Insurance - Investing - Legal - Mortgages - Real Estate - Philanthropy - Taxes - Trusts

Member Specials

Save money with Do‐It‐Yourself services and Special Offers and Promotions
Service Discounts - Member Only Pricing

Networking Community

Engage with other Members and WealthCare Professionals
Audio, Text & Video Conferencing - Document & Screen Sharing - Create & Join Groups

DIY Marketplace

Save money with Do-It-Yourself services
Banking - Financial Planning - Insurance - Investing - Legal - Mortgages - Real Estate - Philanthropy - Security - Tax


Have fun exploring and earn rewards
Forum - Polls - Donations - Save - Quizzes

Services for WealthCare Pros

Complimentary and group‐priced business building services are available exclusively for WealthCare Professionals
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