A Complete Financial Health Checkup!

Check your proficiency in managing your personal finances. Personal Financial Index® (PFI) is a comprehensive financial benchmark for individuals and families. In a few easy screens, it takes a 3600 view of your finances and allows you to measure and monitor your financial health via your personalized PFI score (similar to a credit score). We recommend using PFI in two ways: as a tool to see the impact of a major decision on your finances and for periodic reviews to make sure you are on track with your finances. Typically, a person can complete this in about 15 minutes. However, you need not complete it in one go as your information is automatically saved for future use.

As you create your personal profile, we have included several aides to help you to navigate PFI. If a term is unclear, place your cursor over the '?' for additional information. Notice the "financial stability tree" on the right-hand side of the following screens. It will give you instantaneous feedback as to the health of each area of your finances. This tree and the numerical results located right below it change as you move the sliders. If you do not know the precise answer to a question, make an estimate.