As a true co-op organization, Professional and Provider Members are eligible to share financially in the success of WealthCare Connect via the following programs:

Annual Net Profits Sharing Program

In addition to helping Professional Members efficiently acquire clients, Professional Members are also eligible to participate in WealthCare Connect's Annual Net Profits Sharing Program (ANPSP). The ANPSP is designed to financially reward Professional Members who are consistently and actively engaged in helping Registered Members and Guests through the activities identified in the table below.

Professional Member Activity Points

Postings Maximum Frequency Activity Points
Create Professional Directory Listing Once 25
Create Webinar 1/Week 20
Answer Q&A Question 1/Day 20
Upload Podcast 1/Week 10
Upload Blog 1/Week 10
Create Quiz 1/Week 10
Post Video URL 1/Week 5
Upload Photo 1/Week 5
Post Calendar Event 1/Week 5
Share Item 1/Week 5
Post Comment 5/Day 2


 Professional and Provider Member participation in the ANPSP is based on the Activity Points earned and tracked during a calendar year. A predetermined minimum number of Activity Points must be earned to qualify for an ANPSP fund distribution. At the end of each calendar year, Twenty Percent (20%) of the WealthCare Connect annual net profits will be available for distribution to eligible Professional and Provider Members. The maximum award for a Professional or Provider Member is Five Percent (5%) of the total ANPSP funds. Professional or Provider memberships must be current to participate in ANPSP fund distributions.

ANPSP funds are derived from all incoming revenues, including membership subscriptions, advertising, affiliate, and marketplace net revenues plus a complete liquidity event. To participate in a complete liquidity event, Professional Members must meet a five (5) year cliff vesting schedule.

ANPSP funds not distributed will be retained by WealthCare Connect and used for operating and marketing purposes during the following calendar year.


Professional Referral Affiliate Program

Professional Members may also join the Professional Referral Affiliate Program (PRAP) and earn additional revenue by referring financial professionals who become WealthCare Connect Professional Members. Affiliates receive 20% of the Professional Member's Membership Fee, which is paid via PayPal on the first business day of the following month after the referred Professional Member's subscription funds have cleared.  

Professional and Provider Members may join the PRAP by clicking on the link below:


For more information on the Professional Memberships or the Professional Referral Affiliate Program, click on the telephone icon below to schedule a phone or video call: