WealthCare Connect PRO Founding Memberships
and PRO-Partner Founding Memberships 
are available to Financial Coaches
at special pre-launch pricing 
until the public launch on


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"Built for Financial Coaches by Financial Coaches"

WealthCare Connect "no-sales" PRO and PRO-Partner Memberships are specifically designed to help increase members business revenues and profitability through efficient economies-of-scale client acquisition and business development services. 


The following Professional Memberships are available at special pre-launch pricing:

$99.00 Lifetime

PRO Founding Memberships are available exclusively for Financial Coaches who provide no-sales financial help and guidance services to their clients. PRO Founding Members benefit from both internal and external digital marketing campaigns and services including:

+ Searchable Professional Directory
+ Blogs
+ Podcasts
+ Videos
+ Event Calendar
+ Quizzes
+ Commenting
+ Content Sharing
+ Recorded Webinar Playback on Website (Future Live)
+ Integrated AV Member Communication

After the pre-launch phase, all new PRO Memberships will be $99.00 annually.

$99.00 Annually

PRO-Partner Founding Memberships include all of the features and benefits of the PRO Founding Membership plus the potential for additional revenue received from WealthCare Connect's Net Profits Sharing Program (NPSP). The NPSP financially rewards PRO-Partner Members who earn a predetermined total number of activity points based on the schedule below. After the pre-launch phase, all new PRO-Partner Memberships will be $499.00 annually.

PRO-Partner Member Posting Activity Points

Postings Maximum Frequency Activity Points
Directory Listing Once 25
Webinar 1/Week 20
Answer Q&A 1/Day 20
Podcast 1/Week 10
Blog 1/Week 10
Quiz 1/Week 10
Video URL 1/Week 5
Photo 1/Week 5
Calendar Event 1/Week 5
Share Item 1/Week 5
Comment 5/Day 2


 At the end of each calendar year, twenty percent (20%) of the WealthCare Connect Annual Net Profits will be available for distribution to PRO-Partner Members who meet the year's minimum activity point levels. The maximum award for an individual PRO-Partner Member is Five Percent (5%) of the total NPSP Funds. NPSP Funds are derived from all revenues, including membership subscriptions, advertising, affiliate fees, Marketplace sales, and liquidity events.

PRO-Partner Memberships must be current to participate in NPSP Fund distributions.

To participate in a liquidity event, PRO-Partner Members must meet a five (5) year cliff vesting schedule.

NPSP Funds not distributed will be retained by WealthCare Connect and used for the development of the new WealthCare Connect website, as well as operational and marketing purposes.

Professional Referral Program

PRO-Partner Members are also eligible for the PRO-Partner Referral Program (PPRP) and may earn additional revenue by referring financial professionals who become WealthCare Connect PRO-Partner Members. PPRP members receive 20% of the PRO-Partner Member's Initial Membership Fee, which is paid via PayPal on the first business day of the following month after the referred Pro-Partner Member's subscription funds have cleared.  

PRO-Partner Founding Members may apply to the PPRP by clicking on the link below:


For more information on WealthCare Connect Professional Memberships or the PRO-Partner Referral Program, click on the calendar icon below to schedule a phone call: