WealthCare for the 99%
March 9, 2021 - 65.9k+ Views

Raymond J. Shreder, CEO & Founder
The WealthCare Center LLC / WealthCare Connect

Mr. Shreder is a seasoned veteran of the financial services industry and the founder of The WealthCare Center, the holding company of WealthCare Connect. During his professional career, Mr. Shreder was a member of a team of wealthcare professionals dedicated to helping affluent individuals, couples and families efficiently achieve their wealthcare goals. However, Ray believed that similar services should also be available to others, regardless of their financial status. Unfortunately, the lack of awareness along with high costs and account minimums limited access to these services to very few people. Undaunted, Ray dedicated himself to creating an online platform structured to provide these important wealthcare services to everyone.

To achieve his goal, Ray assembled a team of technology professionals and tasked them to build WealthCare Connect, the free online community and educational resource center where everyone has access to the necessary information, tools and guidance to make informed decisions with their money.

WealthCare Connect primary programming and applications include:

  • Webinars
    Attend live interactive and recorded informational presentations
  • Radio & Podcasts
    Listen to informational talk shows and interviews
  • Questions & Answers
    Submit questions and receive answers from other members
  • WealthCare Review
    Obtain a private phone or video educational review of a current or planned product, service, or strategy
  • Blogs • Videos • AV Chat • Events Calendar


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Subjects areas currently covered include:

Banking • Employment • Insurance • Investing • Legal • Medicare • Mortgages • Real Estate • Philanthropy • Retirement Plans • Social Security • Taxes