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The Genesis of WealthCare Connect

WealthCare Connect was envisioned by Raymond J. Shreder while he was a member of a team of wealthcare professionals who helped affluent individuals, couples and families efficiently achieve their wealthcare goals. However, Ray believed that similar services should also be available to others, regardless of their financial status. In fact, Ray believed that the lifestyles and retirements of those with less financial resources would be more impacted if similar services were available to them. Unfortunately, the lack of awareness coupled with high costs and account minimums limited access to these services to a select group of people. Undaunted, Ray dedicated himself to creating a way to provide these valuable wealthcare services to everyone.

To achieve his goal, Ray assembled a team of technology professionals and tasked them to build a free online platform that would provide open access to these wealthcare services. After several years of development, WealthCare Connect is now live and providing the following wealthcare services and applications to everyone:

Wealthcare Suitability Evaluation (WSE)
Obtain an educational evaluation of a current or planned product, service, or strategy

Questions & Answers
Submit questions and receive answers from other registered and professional members

Professional Directory
Find local and online WealthCare Professionals

Events Calendar
Find and R.S.V.P. for onsite and online events

Online Presentations
Attend live and recorded educational presentations

Listen to informational talk shows and interviews

Read informational articles

Watch informational videos

Use intuitive tools to help assess and achieve specific wealthcare goals 

 AV Chat
Engage with other members via integrated AV chat service


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WealthCare Affiliate Program
"Apply to become a WealthCare Connect Affiliate and earn extra income while helping others achieve their wealthcare goals."
Would You Like Help In Making Decisions With Your Money?
"In addition to interactive educational programming, we also offer personalized Wealthcare Suitability Evaluations (WSE), which consists of an easy-to-understand education-based review of your current or planned wealthcare product, service, or strategy. The WSE is designed to help you make correct decisions with your money."