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To help members and visitors make appropriate financial decisions, WealthCare Connect offers the following services:

Professional Directory
A searchable directory that lists information and contact information for Personal Financial Advocates and Financial Coaches.

Personal Financial Advocates (PFA) are experienced independent third-party non-sales-based financial professionals who provide their clients with the necessary educational information and guidance to make appropriate financial decisions.

PFAs' compensation is determined solely by their clients based on the value their clients receive and not through disclosed or undisclosed commissions or fees from the "sale" of financial products or services. This unique service and compensation structure eliminates the potentially costly conflict of interest inherent when financial professionals, including fiduciaries, receive compensation for the products or services they recommend, as the type and amount of the compensation may influence their recommendations.

Services offered may include educational evaluations, second opinions, holistic oversight, as well as conference calls with current or anticipated financial professionals. The resulting verbal analysis includes product or service material facts, explanations, actual costs, possible risks, and outcomes, as well as viable alternatives.

Financial Coaches work with their clients on a more broad level, such as assisting in developing financial literacy and establishing long-term financial strategies. Services offered typically include teaching their clients money management skills for building savings, budgeting, or paying down debt. Emotional obstacles may also be identified that may be preventing them from reaching their financial goals. Financial Coaches are paid for their services at an agreed-upon rate prior to the engagement.

The services provided by Personal Financial Advocates and Financial Coaches complement existing financial professional relationships.

Q&A Sessions
Weekly interactive Question and Answer sessions.

Events Calendar
Searchable calendar of onsite and online educational events

Online Presentations
Interactive educational presentations

Informational audios

Informational articles

Informational videos

Intuitive DIY tools  

WealthCare Suitability Evaluation (WSE)
A holistic evaluation of your current or planned financial product, service, or strategy.

 AV Chat
Integrated AV chat service

The content provided on this website is for general education and entertainment purposes only and does not constitute advice or recommendations. You should consult with an appropriately licensed and knowledgeable financial professional before making any financial decisions. WealthCare Professionals and Service Providers may charge a fee for their services.
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